Best Position For Pregnant Women Sleep

You Know What Is The Best Position For Pregnant Woman Sleep? Some Experts Say It’s On The Left Side And Supported By Pillows, But It’s Not A Rule That Has To Be Followed To The Letter.

Sleep in a better position to gravid pregnant woman sleep? Pregnancy is one of the most special and magical moments in a woman’s life, even for those who have more than one child, each pregnancy is a unique moment, according to

However, as every single moment, is accompanied by some features that can be uncomfortable, as for example, nausea, morning sickness, aches, among other things. As the months passed, the baby is growing, and this is cause for great joy, but also of some discomfort about the position that the expectant mother will have togo adjusting, is standing, sitting or lying mainly.

A myth that there is, is that if the pregnant woman sleeping on your stomach will harm the developing fetus. Only the fetus, is more protected than his own mother,because it is in a closed cavity filled with amniotic fluid, which is able to protect from any impact. In addition to all this, he is still protected by the layer of the uterusand the muscle layer of the abdomen of the mother.

Of course, when the expectant mother is 5 (five) months for more, the prone position may be uncomfortable, but the pregnant woman can relieve any discomfort during sleep, putting more pillows on the bed to support the back or a pillow between the legs to give greater comfort. Contrary to popular belief, sleep on your backor on your stomach is not comfortable, because pressing the artery, and can cause even pressure problems.

Position indicated for pregnant women sleep

The position that doctors recommend, is that pregnant women sleep on the left side, because in this position, the increased blood flow that benefits his wife’s bodyand consequently the uterus. But if the pregnant woman be more comfortable sleeping on the right side, there is also no restriction, the important thing is to feel good and have a good night’s sleep.

During this period can even follow some tips, but who will feel if this or that is good or not, it’s just really pregnant. But in cases of major discomforts or pains very strong, it’s worth talking to your doctor.

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