Best Night Lights

Peppa also comes in the form of night light plush! Grouiiiiik! It’s the night good night Peppa Pig, accompanying children from 12 months! A lovely musical plush singing the credits of the cartoon. Price : € 50.

Oh? But where is my honey pot? The night light Winnie and his balloon star of Tomy is both a musical night light and a projection of images starry night light! In addition to the wall projection, the night-light offers five lullabies and a timer to carry baby in the land of dreams. Price: € 25

The pilot light fruit and ice 100% gourmet

The pilot light in the shape of ice! More! Press ice cream and it lights  Works with batteries, without connecting to a wall outlet, practical! Price : €15,90.

A light fruity shaped PEAR for a softly vibrant light! Price : €10,90

Some fruit from the Sun? The Nightlight Goodnight Light pineapple can seduce you! Price : €75 (well Yes…)

The night light projection of images

Looking for a night light for projection? The night light Tranquil Turtle from Cloud B is a true wonder! It transforms nursery in a zen water world thanks to this nifty turtle, his melodies (including the sound of the sea) and projections of waves on the ceiling. Price : € 45

This is a music and light Nightlight! The Nightlight Pabobo star projector makes your ceiling a starry sky. It is THE projection of stars night light! It has also several melodies, that is triggered with the stars or without. Price: between € 30 and € 40 (price varies according to the chosen color).

If you can’t ‘Released, issued’ song, as if you have nothing! Because Elsa also has his night light! This projector of Frozen of Trousselier musical stars anime stars ceiling, on the famous song by the Snow Queen! An additional pressure and Elsa dance :). Its more: light projections on the ceiling are mobile, rotating, following the circular movement of Elsa. Price : around € 35.

The veilleus e of sleep training

The night light Baby Zou sleep coach! Also alarm, this night light of learning indicates the child when he can get up (open eyes of the monkey) or when he must stay in bed (closed eyes of the monkey)! For the bits between 3 and 5 years old! Price: approx. € 39.

The Nightlight Kidsleep of Claessen’s Kids: this educational pilot allows, like the previous one, the child to identify at the time, and whether it is the time to wake up… Or not! Depending on the image which is illuminated (#Merc iPour La Grasse Matinée). It is also available in pink! Price : € 39.

The poetic night light for a dream room

The Nightlight Djeco snow globe is adorable, right? A mechanism rotates continuously glitter, while the light regularly changes color! A timer to set the stop of the Nightlight snowball. She exists with different animals and personnages(lapin, faon, ballerine, koala, etc) and colors. Price : € 40

Then… We like or we don’t like nightlights Bunny of Goodnight Light! Personally, I love, ha ha  The vintage of these night lights baby rabbit look will bring a touch of tenderness and poetry to a child’s room. Price : €75 the night light of 28 cm.

The rabbit is still honor, this small Nightlight rabbit Rex simple, cute and price (really) expensive (€7.50)!

The night-light to messages or lightbox

To conclude this overview of my night lights favorite for baby and kids, the light box! This light box to illuminate the room while making a message, thanks to the letters and symbols provided  This isn’t a Nightlight per se, but a nice deco lamp, which can find its place in the room of a child or a teenager  Price: € 40

Then… What is the best light for you baby?

The night lights prices are indicative tire and off-sales periods! I tried to find the lowest prices in this article, but do not hesitate to search on the net to find the best price. Prices vary enormously according to the shops

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