Best In-ear Headphones HiFi

HiFi Headphones

Today we present you the best hifi headphones on the market. What HiFi? It is a term used to describe High Fidelity (high reliability). Used for good sound enthusiasts like us. With this concept differs between the hulls of lower quality with those who have a more professional sound. Hifi helmets have low noise and distortion as well as a good frequency response. Let’s see the best models of each situation on Percomputer.

When we talk about a pair in-ear premium Bose QuietComfort 20 is one of the best. The price is about 300 euros and is that the good is made to pay. Also called QC20, is a model of headphones hifi not seeking transparency, completeness or accuracy. No, in fact with the Bose QuietComfort 20 what stands out is peace. Winners of our comparative noise cancellation have a very good system to reduce annoying sounds.

Best price found: €299
Perfect if you want audio quality but avoid noise of train, bus or other. If we were to put us squabbling with sound, would not be difficult to find or substitute within high-fidelity models. However if these helmets hifi are not able to take the outside noise, both Hi-Fi not serve for much, and because of this same QC20 Bose worth much. On planes and trains it has become my favorite pair doing that you can listen to music in public place without having to turn up the volume at the top to avoid having to listen to the surroundings.

In quieter environments these headphones hifi keeps well, running with a tuning that has not seemed amply emphasized. It would not win any kind of special award for its power. To put it more easy. In quiet environments the QC20 okay. When there is noise stands out from the rest that we have tested.

This pair of Bose headphones hifi also have another important distinction: are the in-ear more comfortable to take jobs. More than anything because they will not completely inside the ear canal. Simply cover it with a soft silicone, which makes that you can take them on a journey of hours without make you feel uncomfortable.

The cancellation of noise and comfort makes it want to keep these helmets hifi in your ears. In fact a function called “Aware Mode” makes it to easy. When activated (with just by pressing a button), you’ll hear selected sound of your surroundings (which gives you the built-in microphone), while still reducing external noise. Very recommended when you hear an announcement or release, or when someone speaks to me simply pulse key and already is.

Bose QuietComfort 20 has a rechargeable internal battery that can provide you with up to 16 hours of listening on a single charge. In fact I’ve been able to use it during 13 hours of flight without any problems, as well as add the time at the airport. When you just the battery, these headphones hifi can be used in passive mode so the music does not have to stop when the power to do so. It comes with different types of “earphones” for best accuracy as well as compact travel bag.

If you are a frequent traveler and want something more portable, there is no best pair of helmets hifi Bose QC20 (or the QC20i which is the iPhone-compatible version). With this, you get a complete package of insulation and comfort with a decent sound.