Best Eyeliner Color for Your Eyes

What color is your iris? With the right make-up you can enhance your look. The make-up artist Sarah Jane Froom gave us some tip, and are really simple! Learn how to impress with a blink
The black eyeliner will always be perfect to give you that look sexy cat with pupils in little heart, but there are other shades that can enhance the natural color of your iris. Some intensify the effect, make it more brilliant and better define certain forms. The important thing is to choose the right make-up.

We asked Sarah Jane Froom, make-up artist bareMinerals International , to illustrate the nuances most suitable based on the color of the eyes. Your classic black lines are ready to find the perfect match!


Beautypically recommends an orange line that is in contrast with cool colors like blue or gray. This will add “a shade brown, caramel, copper and gold.” He also explains: “The blue and orange are opposites on the color wheel and, if you follow the color theory, means that the two put together are able to create a pop effect”.

Top tip: If copper or gold-colored pencil, do not give the definition you need, from the little touches on the outside of the eye. Then use black lines to give the effect of “whiplash” like a real cat.


Women with brown eyes are very fortunate, says Sarah Jane Froom, “because brown eyes are spots of different shades that allow you to use many shadows.” This means you can play with a rainbow of colors and make your life simpler. “I like the brown eye brown line. He adds depth and definition, without sounding too trodden. ”

Top tip: If you use a black eyeliner, also apply it on the eye rhyme. It is less intense than the black, increases the brightness and better defines the shape.


Color theory strikes again: “Red is in front of the green on the color wheel. If the iris striations funds with shades such as red, plum or burgundy, your green eyes stand out on your face. ”

Top tip: If you’re concerned that the red face color seem irritated eyes, hue test close to dark purple. A little ‘dark, but very cool.


Hazel eyes consist of two main shades, brown and green, and you can decide which of the two to intensify further. You can see the nuances that sparkle using a steel gray eyeliner or purple eggplant. To accentuate the iris yellow streaks, choose warm colors or metallic gold.

Top tip: Try a liquid gold eyeliner above the upper lashes and a clear brown eye pencil on the rhyme.The effect is dazzling.