Best Bag for Shoulder Problems

Chiropractor explains that the cross model is the least harms the column

Necessary accessory in the daily lives of most women, the purse is responsible for washing all over the place all objects in everyday female.

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However, according to Jason Gilbert, chiropractor and author of the book “the secret of Healthy Spine”, it is necessary to combine elegance and comfort in choosing the bag to prevent the accessory bring back problems as sciatic nerve aches, stiff neck, back pain, Parrot beak and other problems.


According to Gilbert, it is very important that all unnecessary items from bag to be left at home. “Most women want to make the most of the space. However, the man is walking with minimal weight, “he says.

The orthopaedic traumatologist and Hospital Samaritano sport doctor, Marco Antonio Ambrosio, a simple calculation to avoid back problems. According to him, the weight of the bag, with everything within, may not exceed 5% of the weight of the woman.

Bag models

Shoulder bag

Common model among women, the bag placed on one of the shoulders offers risk to the body. “To prevent the bag strap from slipping, the woman unknowingly raises the shoulder,” says Gilbert. The specialist explains that that generates tension in the trapezius, muscle between the shoulder and the neck, which leads to pain in the region.

The chiropractor is to use for short periods and switch the shoulders to keep only one side can become overloaded.

Purse in the forearm

Handbags with short handles request that the accessory is taken on his forearm.However, according to the expert, the problem of this position is that the arm must be inflected too long. “This puts an excessive load on your elbow and can cause tendinitis and even shortening the biceps”, he adds. To avoid the problem, the tip of it is switch between both arms and avoid long periods in this position.

Purse wallet

Common at parties, purse wallet is handled or with your hand to clamp or with a slight bending of the fists. According to Gilbert, it generates overload on the thumb and the wrist, which can cause tendinitis. The best thing is to use this kind of scholarship for a little while and take the least amount of items possible.

Cross handbag

According to aviationopedia, the best model of handbag is the cross type, in which the handle from the shoulder to the waist. “This is the best way because it does not burden any region of the body. Even so, the ideal is to switch sides and not to overload the bag “, he adds.


The bag is also a great option because it distributes the weight on both sides of the body.”Ideally, the straps are adjustable because when the handle is too long it overloads the column. Models with option to attach the handles on the stomach is still best because distributing the load across the trunk, “he says.

Got questions? Watch the video and see the chiropractor’s explanation: