Best Baby Carriers

In my day, a century ago (in time childcare), an eternity, 8 years ago in fact, when we wanted to carry her baby, you had a back foolproof and small arms. Finally, at least one, since we were wearing it on the side, above the hips. My time (8 years) ago, the scarves of portage did not exist, or they smell the patchouli and anyway, no one really knew how to tie them. In my day (again), there are conventional carriers, but it was all a mess to put on, not to mention that now they told us that they were not physiological, we feel guilty all (for nothing) used.

Also, if there is one thing that I envy the new moms (who ignore the Our site, the joy of regain the use of their hands), it is the generalization of the portage. No stroller out to go to the bakery in the neighborhood, or to pick the big guy at school, we take the scarf (or its variant) and can even give out to the great and wear his satchel on the other. Besides, on the Fan Page Mum-to-be Party (feel free to like the page!), moms are in would pass, the evidence:

It’s great to cuddle, to soothe colic, in short I highly recommend. Melinda

My scarf has saved my life. My daughter would only fall asleep in our arms or with my breast. My companion also much use! Garance

For city life, transport in common etc, the scarf is top! You don’t get into the looks of stubborn people in the bus because your bugaboo takes up space! And babies love be all against their parents. Fantastic Madmoizelle so

Rosy picture or almost, however requiring to choose his Sling.

How to choose its porting solution?

Great novice in portage, and for good reason, I myself (once is not custom) based on advice from moms who follow us on the A big thank you!

What to know:

  • There is a huge choice in portage: physiological baby carriers, slings, scarves (means scarves that there is need to establish – in tube American, rings or scratches. The principle has not yet completely pierced in France). Whatever the solution, it is essential to ensure that it respects the physiology of baby in order to preserve his back, hips and neck).
  • The classic scarfis a band of tissue of 2.50 to 5 m long, it can be used from birth to three years of the child (about 15 kg). So logically it must be solid, made from a soft fabric that can be easy to tie and untie, and does not contain dyes chemical if the baby would put her in the mouth. A little more: choosing one with a check mark to easily identify the middle.

Julia Council: Choose her scarf cross-serge strong and elastic.

  • When we has never used scarf, you always wonder if the baby won’t fall!Don’t hesitate to take courses in portage from his wise woman, of associations of portage and sometimes shops to learn to tie his scarf according to the different positions of the baby (on the belly, on the back, on the side).
  • If you use it a lot,buy two. And why not, a classic scarf and a sling which use will be complementary.

The manduca, ergo-baby and other physiological babies doors are a great relay after the wrap. Garance

Your favorite portage solutions

1 I door baby, renamed JPMBB by the followers!

Trusted by moms, this sling is available in two lengths and is available in very many colors.

Price: €79.90

In addition, on the JMPBB site, you will find videos to learn How to use your scarf and addresses of shops where porting workshops are carried out.

Without hesitation I wear my (JPMB for short!) for his patented stretch material (bcp imitated but never equalled) and physiological position. Elodie

2-the manduca

This physiological carrier in organic cotton is suitable from birth up to 20 pounds.
And besides, it is equipped with an adjustable hood.

Its price € 119 at Naturiou in orange, red, black and green

See also the explanatory video at the bottom of page.

I have a scarf stretch JPMBB, my son and me we love, and a Manducca more suitable for toddlers, long walks, and dads little uncomfortable with nodes.Melinda

The manduca is a happy medium between the stroller and the scarf that is!Valérie

3-L ergobaby

Practice, the closing of this physiological carrier system used backpacks closed loops. Available in classic or sport version.

Price: €99 in Naturiou

See also the explanatory video on how to wear baby on his stomach, on the back and on the side.

Between us scarves, I never had enough confidence in me to do it, so I set my heart on the Ergobaby which is top! Nhu Lan

4-the Trico-slen of Babylonia

his scarf 100% cotton certified organic jersey Oeko Tex Standard 100, particularly guaranteeing the absence of heavy metals.

For children of: 0-2 years (~ 2.5 to 18 kg).

Price: €52.80 in the treasures of Mae

The MOM that I am since 5 months has adopted the tricoslen who is top and think investing in Ergobaby (easier for the Grandma and dad)! Madmoizelle So fantastic

5-Boba Wrap

Easy to tie, with one basic node, this scarf to 5 meters can suit all sizes.

Price: €45 at Naturiou

Also check out the videos to see how to make a baby, how to remove baby scarf and how to tie your scarf.

I’m a “Baby wearer” by nature and when my little one was tiny, I really used the “Sleepy wrap” scarf. It is excellent, soft, soft, easy to put and made of a cotton thick and slightly elastic. Djamila

And you, which solution of portage do you have adopted?