Benefits of Thai Yoga Bodywork

Last year I in Bangkok to one of the oldest massage schools Bangkok a crash course in Thai and oil massage stored. Crash Course is not an exaggeration, because in only five days, one was introduced as an absolute layman in the high arts of traditional Thai massage.After a bit of theory, kneaded then started: Twice a day we ourselves have given someone a 90-minute massage and twice we were allowed to “relax” and were taken into the defect.

Thai massage is also called “Thai Yoga Massage”. And that stretched and stretched until, not without reason, because here the body will not work anymore. After the week I was as mobile as never before. Supta Virasana, the lying hero, and Padmasana, the lotus position, were suddenly possible with an unprecedented ease. I felt myself physically gorgeous and my ego cheered loud!

Touch With Purposeful Movements Body And Soul

Actually went and but it is not just about my personal well-being. The fact that I can do something good with my someone touches and movements, makes me very happy. Whenever I’m giving a massage, I try all my love to give to the movements and to connect with the body of the recipient.

Tobias Frank has recently his book “Thai Yoga-touch body and soul” published and it sent me to the test reading. Have me totally happy about that and my knowledge could now again brush up and enrich many. Tobias has been dealing for more than 15 years with how you can best relax and let go. A stressful job as a television journalist and a tinnitus have moved him to follow his vocation and his heart. Meanwhile, he successfully works as a trainer, yoga instructor and author.

Thai Yoga-a Technique That Anyone Can Use

The book is not only suitable for those who have already had experience with Thai Yoga. It is aimed at all those who enjoy contact and yoga to a different way want (ie passive) experience. Many are concerned that they could do anything “wrong” and could possibly even violate the receiving ends. The images are so clear photographed and described the techniques in such detail that they can be implemented also by absolute layman. Wonderful is also the set of Tobias to:

Contact Can Never Be “Wrong” When She Is Alert And Comes From The Heart

The first part of the book provides the main theoretical facts together with how to use yoga pants. Find out once where Thai Yoga actually comes from, what causes it and what responsibilities you have when you Thai Yoga applying least. The four pillars of the Thai yoga mindfulness, clarity, feeling and devotion are qualities that are useful not only in Thai Yoga, but also can lead to a happier life, when you are integrating with in your life.

Step-By-Step Instructions

In the second part is about the practice. First, the most important they explain that you learn then apply later. The many photographs and illustrations the various techniques are easy to understand. Subsequently, the Thai yoga session, which usually takes at least 90 minutes, explained step by step. For beginners, however, Tobias recommends not equal to begin with a complete session. Best you try it once with each exercise or smaller sequences, for example, a sequence on the legs. Then when you feel familiar with the processes, you can easily slow to complete the session grope.

My Conclusion: I Dare You!

For me there was reading the book a great wow effect. At much I felt reminds plus plenty of new learned. Even if I have a little bit of previous experience, I think that it is Tobias succeeded with the book that lay people could approach a Thai yoga massage.

The book you can link directly to Tobias Homepage Free Shipping Our site order. Here you can have order a sample chapter also once. As a teaser, there is plus the video course “Releasing made ​​easy” with exercise videos and Massage Manual. Have fun with it!