Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is a sport (or not..) female and male which is practised in the water, solo. It is also a sport Olympic since many years. It is practised in municipal swimming pools or at home, of course, not in the bath but in your private pool, if however you one! It is an activity sports very relaxing that it is possible to exercise at any age (or at least as soon as you know how to swim) and by all conditions, same enclosure.

The equipment for the sport is the swimsuit (Yes it’s better with), although there’s a regulation for competitors requiring port combinations. And if you’re afraid to sink, you can use buoys, belts of flotation, armbands, planks and pull-buoy (float foam that sits between the legs and to make working only with arms)), but also flippers, snorkels, shower caps, ear plugs, swimming, pince-nez glasses.

Good For My Body?

It is a very complete sport which allows to work a large number of muscles, including the shoulders, the arms, the back, the legs. It is also an effective way to begin to lose weight. Water carry you, so the sensation of your weight is divided by 3 or 4. You feel so light! Movements in the water will be easier compared to a sports ground, and this will limit any injuries. Swimming also allows to make long movements, which is ideal for burning your fats. At moderate pace, energy expenditure is around 400 kcal per hour swim (not bad!) For more sustained drives, energy expenditure is between 600 and 700 kcal and 1000 kcal for high level swimmers (soon, soon…).

Everyone Has His Swim

Not sure what swimming is the most suitable for you and does it work? Well, here is some plus size swimwear that may interest you:

Breaststroke: certainly the most practiced by enthusiasts (like you?), this swim allows you to tone the inner thighs and the arm muscles. However, in the case of cervical problems, avoid here.

The crawl: it greatly strengthens the shoulders and arms. She made more work cardio and so your breath.

The back crawl: simple and sweet, she is better in case of cervical problems. It is also recommended for pregnant women swimming!

The Butterfly: very good exercise endurance, but very difficult technically. It is usually practiced by high-level athletes… However, you can try, you tell me the news ūüėČ

Choose yours and dive into the deep end, you will not be disappointed procured well-being! And if you’re worried, why not take a few classes for you confidence… and then otherwise, there is the armbands ūüėČ