Benefits Of Swimming For Other Sports

Many times we do not stop to think that to get a good result we train differently than usual. And I do not mean to change your training plan, but to enter the pool in your routine, whatever your sport.

You already know the benefits and reasons for choosing swimming but you’ve never stopped to think how to affect your training if the sport practices normally is another. Cuento lo focusing mostly on examples of running and cycling, since they are usually the most practiced with swimming, by the practice of the Triathlon. I will also briefly name surf, with much to do to also be a water sport.

These are some of the most important benefits:

It reduces the appearance of lesions and is ideal for recovery after injury:

It is known by all that running much damaged joints. Pool sessions you can “soften them” since they are active but with an exercise that does not produce any impact on them. If you’ve had an injury practice swimming will help you to take shape and finish of rehabilitating the affected area. You can read this post as a guide, but you should always keep in mind directed by the doctor.

Balancing the musculature of the body:

A good coordination of the entire body and a muscular effort of certain zones according to the technique is required in any sport. According to sportingology, keeping a good posture on the bike is suitable to strengthen dorsal and lumbar muscles.

Running apart from the legs take very important arms to run a good technique and for example, to climb slopes, is busy with the abdominals.

Increases aerobic capacity:

It will help us to manage the contribution and oxygen recovery whatever the sport practice swimming requires breathing times strongly marked and demanding, which will become a good habit especially when the effort is still large and continuous. If you don’t control the breathing technique do not miss these tips to improve it. In addition, sportingology also publish an aerobic workout that you can do in your sessions.

Provides an active rest:

So far you have not done so, you should know that is suitable rest your sport at least once a week. If you can not stop, a swimming session will provide the rest. You will keep the activity and also provide an extra relaxation that will come to you very well for following workouts to your muscles and joints.

It increases the flexibility of the joints:

It may seem irrelevant but for example, practice with fins can significantly improve the angles of ride in cycling. We also recommend that at the end of the pool sessions you make stretching in the water to promote it further, always without force and with respect your limitations.

In some sports conditioned by temporality will help you to not lose the form, even for trained specifically according to your needs.

For example in the surf, if you can not play, can make series in the pool working the upper train that no doubt will provide a benefit to your technique and resistance of rowing. About this sport we will publish a specific entry later, since he is entering the winter and is a time in which the practice in the sea becomes more complicated and swimming will be a good resource to keep the shape. Don’t miss it!

I hope that this post has provided a little more to your sport. Do not hesitate to comment any doubt whatever of your sport since as you can see, swimming is a thing of all!

Until the next post!