Benefits of Baby Carriers

The portage when it works well for you and your child, it is simply wonderful. Finally, in my opinion. I love feel my child near me and know comfortable. I also love the portage for its convenience. So, I have several baby carriers and I practice various forms of portage!

I know (at least I hope!) that I’m not the addicted mother at the portage. If you recognize yourself in the following examples, you are part of my gang!

Credit: Alyson Tremblay root

  • When you have a secret bank account savings to finance your new Favorites in portage or even you’re selling slings you already have to finance the next.
  • When you know what the terms DISO, PPD, SWAP and stash
  • When you always notice other carriers and you can name the brands and models.
  • When you imagine each beautiful fabric of the Fabricville in beautiful baby carrier!
  • When taking a trip and your suitcase contains more than carriers of pair of jeans.
  • When your stroller is used to hang everything… except your baby (stroller that you regret also have bought!).

Credit: Alyson Tremblay root

  • When you can spend an entire afternoon watching videos of nodes of scarf fancyon YouTube and you end up taking a dog to practice because your baby is sick.
  • When you try to share your passion and to convert everyone, even your mother who do not really understand why you guts so much about ‘these long curtains here.
  • When you receive a new scarf you need to ‘break’ (user) motivates you to go several steps per day.
  • When you matches your laundry with the carrier when you use maternity bags.