Believe! You Can Already Use Office on Ipad

It took, but it seems that Microsoft has finally decided to change its Office suite.It is getting simpler and more affordable.

The biggest proof of this transformation is SkyDrive, Microsoft’s “cloud” service, similar to Apple’s iCloud, which offers 7GB of free storage on company servers.

But the great news of SkyDrive is undoubtedly the inclusion of Office applications:Word for editing texts;Excel for spreadsheets;Power Point for presentations;OneNote for annotations.This service was christened the Web Office App .

To access the applications just have a Windows Live account, the same as used to sign in to Messenger or Hotmail.

Microsoft is approaching Apple

For a long time, Microsoft did not have to worry about Apple.Until 2007, when the iPhone was released.And with the success of the iPad many things had to change in the company of Bill Gates.

Started by Windows 8, expected to arrive in late 2012, the operating system targeted to mobile devices.And now with the launch of Office suite “in the cloud”, which can finally be used by owners of iPhones, iPods and – mainly – iPads from SmarterComputing.

Office “online”

Best of all, you do not have to worry about downloading the old Office package or getting stuck with a Windows PC.All the programs in this suite can now be accessed through a browser (like Firefox) from almost any device, with any operating system.

This means you can create a Word document on your PC, save it through the Web App and then open it on your iPad.Or on a device with Android, Linux, etc.

Just do not expect to have the same features as the original package.In fact this “Office online” is much more simplified.For me, that’s an advantage.In Word, for example, you can format text and paragraph, or have the – optimal – spelling proof feature available.

And if you have the Office package, and need to make a document with more features, you can open it in the original Word (Excel, etc).But I’m sure this will not be necessary for the vast majority of users.

In addition, because the Web Office App is part of a “cloud” service (SkyDrive), it is possible to do a group work and share any document created.

There are still many bugs

With the Web App Microsoft intends to enter a site dominated by Google Docs.And to persuade users to prefer their services, the company promises to expand the capabilities that allow it to retain the original formatting of any document.Today, this is one of the biggest problems for those who import Office files into Apple devices or that use Android.

Even with all these features Microsoft Web App is not free of bugs.When I tested it I had to be careful to save my document in Word.In other programs and text editing applications I use this is done automatically.

In addition, the application (Word) has been careful to put extra spaces between words.Imagine the hassle to eliminate these “whites” in a long text!

Microsoft’s effort to invest in tablet and smartphone applications was worth the effort.But it’s a long way from getting close to services like Google Docs.