Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Rowing

A part of the Olympics is more than a century rowing. In the span of less than 10 days throughout the rowing program is completed and on August 17, there will be 14 gold, silver and bronze plaques. Netherlands, a delegation of 29 roadies.


A part of the Olympic Games have long been rowing in different classes. Many games have gone Netherlands placements for participation. Even for the 2008 Olympic Games in China are the Dutch rowers back in action.

The other gold medals were won at the OLYMPICS:

  • 1900 in Paris; Roelof Klein, Francois Fire and mate Brokman. Brokman was replaced because he was overweight. But Bowman, who replaced him was too bright, so a 9-year-old French boy from the audience was taken and put in the boat. Until today is not yet known how this boy’s name.
  • 1924 in Paris
  • 1968 in Mexico
  • in 1988, Ronald Florijn, Nico Rienks

Placed boats?? ?? for the 2008 Olympics

A total of 29 rower has qualified for Beijing. These are the following parts:

Rowing Olympic Schedule 2008

From 17/09 August will be completed in the Shunyi Olympic rowing-Canoeing Park rowing programs. There are no less than 14 gold medals.
The meaning of the letters is as follows:

  • K = qualifications
  • HK = replay
  • HF = semifinals
  • F = B, C, D and E finals
  • F = B-final
  • F + B, C and D final
  • F = final

The codes starting with M or LM is the men’s competitions
Codes that begin with a W or LW his wife contests
Friday, August 15 is a day of rest.