Beetroot Juice Enhances Performance

Want to improve your PR, you want to beat your competitor is finally agreed? Beet juice is legal doping, it improves athletic performance. But how does it work? And there are options for beet juice? In this article, read all about it.


There are several studies about the performance-enhancing effects of beetroot juice. In August 2009, Professor Andy Jones from Exeter University published a study with clear results. The study of eight subjects showed that athletes had 2% gain in time after drinking beet juice, they went and rode the 2% faster.
In a study of another British universities were men cycling on an exercise bike until they were exhausted. The men were able to maintain an average of 9 minutes and 53 seconds without the beet juice. After a six day bietensapkuur the male same effort was one minute and 32 seconds persist longer than after drinking the juice. They could exercise after bietensapkuur therefore retain 16% longer.
In July 2011 it published a study in which cyclists went to the beet juice. The cyclists were 2 times the test of four and a time trial of 16 km. Two and a half hours before the start of all time trials, riders drank beet juice, beet juice once with nitrate and other times beet juice without nitrate. The riders did not know if they were drinking nitrate-rich beet juice or low-nitrate. After drinking nitrate-rich beet juice proved riders on four km time trial 11 seconds to make a profit and the 16 km time trial was 45 seconds profit.

Nitrate: the secret of beet juice

Various studies have shown that nitrate is the secret to an improvement in athletic performance after drinking beet juice. Beet juice contains a lot of nitrate. The nitrate is converted in the stomach into nitrite and nitrite are converted back to nitric oxide. The nitric oxide causes blood vessels to advance open, and blood pressure is lower.For an athlete, it is as the heart in equal stake in power have a lower heart rate. This means that you can maintain your exercise longer or you can deliver more power.

Options for beet juice

Many athletes find beet juice does not eliminate. It would be dirty. Beet juice not only helps performance enhancing. All food where much nitrate is in the works well for athletes. In general, beet juice in the largest amount of nitrate. Nitrates are found mostly in vegetables and the amount of nitrate in vegetables depends on the light, the season when it is sown and harvested and fertilization. Here is a list of nitrate-rich vegetables:

  • Endive
  • Beetroot
  • Celery
  • Chinese cabbage
  • Kålrabbi
  • Paksoy
  • Purslane
  • Turnip tops
  • Salad
  • Chard
  • Spinach
  • Cabbage
  • Fennel

Risk nitrate-rich vegetables

Nutritional Center recommends that no more than twice a week to eat nitrate-rich vegetables. Not that nitrate is unhealthy, but because nitrite can be harmful to health. Nitrite can be encoded into the stomach of carcinogenic nitrosamines. And it is harmful to health.
But this danger is to circumvent. Vitamin C is the conversion of nitrite to nitrosamines and promotes the conversion of nitrite to NO, that is if there is too much fatty acids present in the stomach. If more than 10% of the gastric juices consists of fat promotes vitamin C is just the conversion of nitrite to nitrosamines.

Best bietensapkuur

Studies have shown that the best bietensapkuur follows: beginning three days before the race with drinking beet juice. Drinking in the morning and 250 ml in the evening 250ml.
Example: You have a contest Saturday at 14:00. Then start on Wednesday with bietensapkuur. You drink so Wednesdays two times, twice on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, 2 times 1 times beet juice. You must therefore turn 7×250 ml = 1750 ml of beetroot juice …
I follow a different cure myself … I work from three days before the race twice a day serving beetroot Hak away.Total disappearance of the contents of two pots chop the beetroot 720 grams per pot in the stomach.

Beetroot brands with nitrate

When buying, make sure that beet juice also contains nitrate. Some brands consciously filter out nitrates. Famous brands selling beetroot nitrate with heel and Zonnatura. Since the rise of beet juice as a way to improve your performance, sports market this useful answer. So Beet-it has developed a specially designed for athletes beet juice. One vial of 70 ml contains nitrate as much as half a liter of a medium mark. There are also sports bars of Beethoven it available that also contains a lot of nitrate.

Conclusion for athletes

Vegetables Beetroot and nitrate rich can increase performance, but make sure you do not go in nitrate-rich vegetables works if you have a lot of fat in the stomach. It is appropriate, therefore, not always nitrate-rich vegetables and beet juice to work inside. Just make it to the races, when you eat low fat. Nitrate + Vitamin C + minimal fat = healthy improve your performance!