Beautiful Lingerie Fat Glimpse

We will continue work on the Weekend Plus Size Fashion… hehehehe … Now showing the beautiful lingerie fat Glimpse.

The parade began with the suggestion of lingerie in cute colors for teenagers. Then, comfortable lingerie for women who work out. Then came the black and Red lingerie, Thong, for those who wish to vent the sensuality. And finally, the dream for the wedding night. All of this makes up the collection women Glimpse, to monitor all phases of the women.

I’m not even going to be stretching too much, because I said the saying: a picture is worth a thousand words!

On the left, the ruivaça Gabriela Caroli, which uses dummy 52, 54 bra. Ualllllll!!! And right, Miss Brazil Plus Size Denise Gimenez.

On the right, the Luana Wczassek Cutie and, left, linda Jussara Nielsen of Laguna

Luana left rock, of Fortaleza. To the right, the photographer (really!) Kirti Bienevuth

Monique Salazar, left. And Vivian Louise, in Belo Horizonte, on the right.

Cristiana Hauch and Erika Tan left.

Fernanda Rodrigues and Aline Santos on the left to the right.

Black, Miss Rio Grande do Sul Plus Size Bhau Dean. Red Plus Size Miss Carioca, Aline Mansur.

BABi Monteiro, always diva.

On the left, the big reveal of the Lais FWPS Roberta (La Robertita). On the right, the stunning Kelly Lamb, of Rio de Janeiro.

On the right, Andreia Helena, in Belo Horizonte. On the left, Fabi Traven.

And closing with a seal and gold key, Rita Career.

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The bijoux this particular show are the Beautiful Q Bijoux