Bathroom Warm in Winter

In the coldest season of the year, comes that dilemma: at bath time, it’s hard to get in the shower and get out of it. With the cold, nothing better than a warm environment waiting to be enjoyed. Check out a selection of Interbagno products that fulfill this function:

The bath Panel Steam Shower of Unique Spa brings you all the best for the bath: are ten vertical hydromassage jets, sauna time and temperature-controlled, recirculating system (which ensures the uniformity of heat in any environment, ideal for days more cold), aromatherapy, Chromotherapy and a stereo system.

The Ego of Unique Spa Cabin has a sauna wet, vertical hydromassage, removable deck and roof in treated wood. In addition, features such as color therapy, aromatherapy, as well as a LCD control panel, wireless transmitter and a stool in chromed steel and wood accompany the product to enhance the bathing experience.

Sealedbox is a sealed box from the floor to the ceiling, which prevents the steam and the entry of cold air, creating a sauna effect, which offers up to 60% water savings. Doors ranging from floor to ceiling in laminated glass, with exclusive hardware to ensure fence-that decrease to 90% of the noise of the shower, plus a practical installation system, guarantee maximum safety of the product.

The towel warmer keeps bathroom towels always dry heat and heated (from 35° to 45°). In addition, and warms the environment, dehumidifies reduces the proliferation of fungi and mites in towels and, thus, reduces the need for washing, and automatically reduces the consumption of water and energy.