Bass Fishing Records

Very sweet of Brazilians species have records obtained by foreigners

The release of fishing took place not long ago in most rivers of the Brazilian basins. At least in the silver, which encompasses important rivers like Parana, Paraguay and Uruguay, three species will certainly be targets of fishermen: piapara, pacu and gold. Who’s going to break the record of them at IGFA.

A survey made by & Fishing Company in consultation with the alltimefishing shows that these three species have records (all tackle). They were caught in nearby waters and two of them by foreign fishermen.

The detail is that both the gold as piapara record holders were fished in Concord, in Argentina, on the River Uruguay. The “King of the river” was captured by Brazilian fisherman André de Botton, in the reserve of Salto Grande. And has a detail. According to the guide that accompanied him, Hector Bradanini, de Botton was trying to approve a 24 kg Gold when he got an even bigger one. Already the pacu (Piaractus mesopotamicus) was captured in the pisco River in Tarija, Bolivia.

Check out the relationship and, why not, I set the goal to break these records, suddenly, in a river.

Piapara 7.26 kg, on the River Uruguay in Concordia (Argentina). Date: 4/22/2013. Fisherman Ray Snyder

Gold: 25.28 kg, on the River Uruguay in Concordia (Argentina). Date: 1/11/2006. Fisherman: Andre l. n. de Botton

Pacu (Piaractus mesopotamicus): 10.21 kg, Tarija (Bolivia). 9/28/2008 date. Fisherman: Alejandro Linares