Bargain Alert! What Is (And What Is Not Worth) Worth Buying On Sale

Have you been to the thrift store and took home a vintage dress amazing, nobody’s equal. Desapegou of those sweaters that were frozen in closet for years. But, during the purges, realize that there are still some basic parts to make life easier in time to compose the looks, like a black trousers and a pair of jeans again to replace the old one. Enjoy: this time, the settlements are the best way out for those who need to add one item to the Cabinet, even if you are trying to save.

– Is the opportunity to buy timeless pieces that will complement and add to the wardrobe. Always nominate invest in pieces that run to the fad of the season – suggests the style consultant Anne Carrard.

-It is also when, often, we can buy that outfit that dated the entire station and there was acquired by price-complete.

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Never hurts to remember: before going to the Mall, it’s worth taking a good look at what you already have and list what parts I would like to include. Nothing need a social black pants and end up buying a new pair of jeans just because I was at a discount.

-Buy by buy, in my opinion, is bad at any time, either for settlement or not. So, the best tip for anyone who is thinking of investing now is wondering if you really need – teaches stylist Gabriela Casartelli.

To help you in shopping, we invite the understood in liquidation and Gabi to indicate the coolest pieces where worth investing.

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And Trends?

In addition to the classics that we always find in stores, some 2015 trends remain high and can be found by inflated precinho minors in settlements. The tips are Gabi Casartelli:

Solid darker Stripes and wide

Sweaters with shoulder out, run ciganinha and boho footprint

Mini Flower and grunge footprint, which have everything to do with our autumn

Mules flat version, following strong next season

10 Commandments Of Liquidation

  1. Before you go shopping, clean your closet. What no longer uses can be donated or until sold in bazaars.
  1. After cleaning, list the parts that are needed in everyday life: that more classic pants, a white blouse or the neutral shoe.
  1. Stipulate how much you have money to invest and don’t spend more than you can. Nothing have new in the closet and the account overdrawn.
  1. When you get to the Mall, go straight on macaws that have what you need. So you save time and avoid falling into the temptation to buy something you don’t need just because it’s cheap.
  2. Run of parts that do not have the your style not to fall in. It’s not because it’s cheap that you will “convince” to use when you get home.
  1. avoid too that piece that you read that “it’s good to have” (including those from our list!), but that has nothing to do with your closet or whatever you like. If you have fear of high heels, it makes sense to spend

R$ 300 in a pair that will stand in the closet?

  1. Buy your parts size. Take something smaller because you want to start that diet on Monday or a little bigger to fit is pretty sure the play will stand still in the closet.
  2. cumulative Discounts can be a trap for who is consuming and influence to buy what you don’t need. How about taking a friend to both take advantage of the bargain and no one to buy the most?
  1. Consider the value end of the play and not the discount. Follows paying off?
  1. Before leaving the dressing room into the box, combine the new play mentally with at least five other that you already have around the House. Works? So it’s worth.

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