Backpacks Delivered to Nursery Students by City Hall

“Backpack for children is actually backpack for storing children”, says one of the netizens

The size of the backpacks distributed to students of the Municipal Teaching by the City of Jequié, located in the southwestern region of Bahia, became mocking in social networks.

Both the students in the final years of elementary school 2 and the students in the day care centers in the city, aged up to six, received standardized backpacks of the same size.For smaller students, the bag is too large, and the little ones even fit inside the object.

T-shirts are sized according to the age of the students, but backpacks are not appropriate for all children.

The City of Jequié reported that the City’s Education Department delivered the school kits to nearly 18,000 students in the public school system, in addition to backpacks, T-shirts and a pencil case, pens and erasers.

The city council released photos of the students with the school kits, but what caught the attention was an image that shows the child inside one of the backpacks and generated jokes on the part of the netizens.

“You people who did not understand. Backpack for children is actually backpack for storing children via

In a statement, the city council said that it believes that daycare children can not and should not carry their backpacks, which may contain clothes, towels, diapers, among others.The agency also said that backpacks bought at the value of R $ 11.40, achieving savings for the municipality.