Back Pain – if the Cold in the Back “Crawling”

The temperatures drop and get back pain – also know that? Her back feels like he would break right. Or constantly plague pain, especially in the lower lumbar region?

Many pregnant women about back pain complain during the cold months. The cold and humidity causes shifts and tensions in the Crown area. Often changing the attitude, if it’s cold: it no longer aimed, but rolling your shoulders and back to make himself as small as possible.

Of course, also the baby on a nerve can press and in this way cause pain. Or are bad at night – a common problem, as the belly grows! Can the back pain from work get? Must you long standing or sitting too long? Both can be responsible for back pain, because “rigid” postures can also lead to painful tenseness with pregnancy lingerie.

It is now important to relieve the back muscles and to get more motion in the lumbar spine and the pelvic region. Sit as often as possible on a Pezziball and circling your pelvis. Also try to tilt the pelvis forward and back. You can make both exercises without the ball, when you hip stand out. I see more exercises in the video on this page.

Do something good time themselves and their bodies, especially in the winter time and create a spa day. Go swimming, they take an Aqua fit or yoga course for pregnant women and treat yourself to a massage with arnica massage oil. It keeps you warm and stimulates the blood circulation. Heat is particularly pleasant: A warm bath, a hot water bottle, a warm cherry or grains pillow or even a red light irradiation brings relief. You will notice it soon better how you in General and especially your back.

I wish you a relaxing day for you and your back!