Back Pain During Pregnancy: Causes And How To Prevent

Polls indicate that around 80% of pregnant women will present, at some point, this kind of pain

Pregnancy is a magical period in the lives of women, awaiting with great anticipation the birth of a new Member to the family. But it’s also a phase which requires special care by the mother-to-be, medical etc.

There are many reports of pregnant women who suffer with some uncomfortable at that stage. Among them, the back pain. Piero Scarparo, orthopedic surgeon of the specialized center in spine and Pain, in Ribeirão Preto, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Ribeirão Preto (USP) and specialist in orthopedics and Traumatology, points out that low back pain (pain in the lumbar region) is a common symptom during pregnancy.

According to the doctor, surveys indicate that about 80% of pregnant women will present, at some point, this kind of pain.

What Causes This Pain?

Piero Scarparo biomechanical factors, highlights how the changing of the normal curves of the spine (kyphosis, lordosis and pelvic tilt) that occur for the accommodation of the fetus, in addition to the hormonal changes that promote the accumulation of fluid and the “loosening” of ligamentous structures of the lumbar and pelvic region, are described as mechanisms involved in the onset of low back pain-dates. “You know that, in the third quarter, the onset of gestational low back pain is more frequent,” says orthopedic surgeon.

Scarparo adds that some studies indicate that women who were sedentary before pregnancy and during pregnancy perform physical exertion, with repetitive movement, present a greater risk for the onset of low back pain.

Care Required To Avoid Back Pain During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is essential to avoid heavy lifting. But, if the woman has to carry something, she must hold the object close to your body, bend your knees and your back – and try not to twist the body.

If the expectant mother spends a lot of time sitting — due to work, for example, she must keep the spine straight. It is important to still get up from time to time and do a quick walk, on the spot, just for a change of position.

The pregnant woman should not even wear high heels and, Yes, choose shoes very comfortable and firm, according to Gradinmath.

Have women working on foot, should arrange to take a break to rest in the middle of the day. In addition to these tips, it is important to talk with your doctor about all of your habits (not only), so he can spend the best guidelines for this period that requires special care.

Prevention: How To Avoid Back Pain During Pregnancy?

According to the orthopedist Scarparo, preventive recommendation is for women who plan to get pregnant do moderate exercises, with a focus on strengthening the lumbar and pelvic musculature. For this, it is very important to the accompaniment of a professional, “recalls the doctor.

For women who are already pregnant, the recommendation is to perform light to moderate physical activity, such as walking and exercises in the water, among others.

“It is important to note that pregnant women should always seek guidelines with your doctor before starting the practice of physical activity, being sedentary or not” Scarparo.

Reports Of Mothers

Andreia p. Martins, 32 years, Manager, account that had a peaceful gestation, without nausea and other symptoms, but, in the last two months pregnant, felt a backache. “During the first eight months, I was able to work normally, sitting in front of the computer. My doctor directed that I got up at 1 hour and make a small walk in the Office, to avoid further hassles. But, in the last months of pregnancy, I suffered a bit with back pain, “reports. “I looked for my doctor and he gave me good guidelines, telling me how I should sit properly, etc. And reminded me not to stay too long in the same position, “he adds.

Tatiane Bhoscariol already, 29 years, lawyer, he felt back pain during pregnancy. “I had a great pregnancy, without hassles. I believe that’s because I’ve practiced physical activities since before getting pregnant. Then I continued with walks, practically every day, which helped a lot. I felt pretty good, “reports.

Now you know: If you’re thinking of becoming pregnant, a good tip is to invest in exercises with a focus on strengthening the lumbar and pelvic muscles, always with the supervision of a professional. For this, see also, formerly, a doctor of your trust and follow all the guidelines passed by him.