Baby Swimming

Good news for all moms: Every season, parents can go with their baby for baby swimming. In winter, the babies enjoy it to be sometimes naked and to move effortlessly in the warm water. In the cold months you must make sure however that you have the proper care and chubby warm clothes and always a caps after swimming there.

Baby swimming – weightless in the water

From the third month of life to go with the baby swimming. Then the babies are somewhat more alert and can keep better their brains. Most babies love the movements in the hot water. In infants, the water should be 32 degrees have the six months, children, and older, comply with 29 degrees. Therefore, also the warm bathing day in the swimming pool or a therapy pool for baby swimming is recommended. What is the chlorine, so it is not dangerous for babies. If you would like to go but to play it safe and wants to prevent irritation of the delicate baby skin, then you should shower thoroughly his child after splashing.

The gravity is almost abolished in the water and the children can move much easier than “on land”. Baby swimming is not only for MOM and baby – wellness. The movements of swimming are good for the motor skills and the General mobility and balance of children. Studies have shown that the most babies, who have collected a baby swimming movement experience, are motorized better developed, often with half a year as the same age children, which did not have this possibility.

Lotion for baby swimming

In the winter you should creaming your child well after the swim. In the face, which is the most exposed to the cold, at best a fatty cream use any cream on a water basis, because these can freeze on the skin! Your child has many hairs on the head, so they must after swimming be well dried and may even blow dried. Important: Put on a Cap your child in warm so that it loses the heat not over your head and to be cool.

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