Baby Sleeping with Nightlight

Then, he made his nights? “Get ready to hear this question many times! From the moment you have a baby, the thorny issue of sleep will necessarily return on the mat several times from your entourage. In general, people expect that you’re completely exhausted, you drooling in with your infant and lack of sleep… They are then surprised when you answer them something of the kind “Niquel, our baby has very quickly made long nights! We got lucky. “After hearing hearsay discouraging on the sleep of infants or still by falling on studies of style” young mothers sleep only 3 hours a night “or” young parents lose 44 days of sleep in the year following the birth”, I wanted to reassure parents. Yes, it is possible that young parents and their baby pass quickly a good nights!

Baby Sleeping with Nightlight

This article is positive and reflects our personal experience. I am aware that we have a lot of luck to have a 17 month old who has always loved to sleep and that is unfortunately not the case of young parents… Sincerely, I admire them!Because lack of sleep is something terrible and I imagine having to get up several times a night is exhausting (even more so if the person has to go to work the next morning…) In this article, I will try to explain how our small heart came to sleep through the night on his return from maternity and what are our rituals for sunset. I don’t have a miracle solution, but it may give ideas to people who are looking for evidence on the experiences of other young parents with their baby brand new. I hope that my article will be able to reassure parents that are perhaps a bit scared after hearing a lot of negative things about the sleep of children during the first year around them…

Back to the house and the nights at the rhythm of baby

After his stay in neonatal which lasted 3 weeks, our little hearts is finally back home with us November 2014. When he was in hospital, caregivers woke systematically so that its dose of milk all 3 h. We said that he had to get a rhythm out there and that I probably get night Awakenings every 3 hours for his meal…

The first nights at home, he took a last feeding late at night (around 11 pm) and went to bed around midnight. At that time, I was awake twice per night (around 2:30 and 5:30). Our baby was immediately slept in her own room, in the bed that we had prepared him with love. We made the choice not to co-sleeping not to wake the dad who worked the next morning and also to make our son quiet and not be disturbed by noise in the room when we wake up. Watching him through a video monitor which was very useful for not getting up overnight at the slightest noise, for nothing. Soon, feedings are spaced apart.

In December, I woke more than once at night. Before bedtime, he suckled one last time between 9:30 and 22:30 (to lie down then around 11:30). I must say that at that time, the feedings were long enough… Our little heart has always loved to eat! The nocturnal feeding then took place between 5: 00 and 6: 00 in the morning. There was already in progress!

Then, our baby slept well, to the point that the feeds are still spaced out and he started to nights without night awakening all early January 2015. Indeed, during this period he suckled always once last night between 9:30 and 22:30 (went to bed around 11 pm) and not wake up the next morning morning at around 7:30 – 8: 00! I was happy to be able to sleep better. Our child is so made his nights a month and a half after returning home!

There are fatigue and breastfeeding that were I was sleeping a lot better after my baby was born, than before. It is paradoxical! Indeed, before I had often hours before finding my sleep… I was wondering in bed and fell asleep almost immediately!

For months, our small heart of 12: nights sleep (without no nocturnal awakening). He eats the last time of the day at 8:15 and goes to bed at 9.30 pm to not wake up the next morning at 9:30 or 10: 00 if there is no noise in the apartment! We will certainly try to move it a little bit soon so that he goes to bed a little earlier.

Our bedtime ritual

Our little heart loves to sleep, no doubt. He always has good NAPs and long nights. He is always very happy when he told the evening ‘ we’re going to sleep?. If he’s playing at that time, he drop everything and immediately rises to come towards us smiling and jumps of joy to take in our arms and takes him to his room at the most quickly.

In recent months, the sunset ritual starts with brushing teeth. This small activity is mainly a family. The majority of the time it’s dad who wears baby and MOM who brush the teeth. We bought him a toothbrush adapted to young children, and he has his own toothpaste. He knows where everything is. He loves that we brush her teeth, it takes it to a game and as a little greedy it always try to swallow some toothpaste…

Is then handed his bottle so that he could drink some water one last time before going to bed. He used because of himself he shows his bottle and claims us so that you never forget this important step.

Then comes the moment to go into his room. Its lights turned on so that the lightis dim and gradually used his eyes to darkness.

I lay him down on the changing mat, change his diaper, and he put on his pajamas.

Then comes the ritual in itself. You got him in our arms and set off Bebo the Robot from Fisher Price. We the had offered him for his first birthday and he loves him see dance and lights before going to bed. In fact it was he who claims him by repeating “BI-BO!” It’s funny.

Then lit his Tranquil Flower Nightlight from Cloud B. It’s his favorite night light, it has a pretty music and projects of waves on the walls and ceiling. There are also some other friendly night lights he likes also (like its Pabobo star projector), but we reserve them for the nap.

A big kiss to mom and dad and it’s time to go to bed!

We set up baby in its SAC Aden + Anais and he immediately turns to get down sucking his fingers, their eyes riveted to his turtle. Oh, he’s gone for a long night’s sleep until the next morning.

I’d like him read a story before bedtime, but for now he is unable to stay calm to leaf through a book. He’d rather gnaw them! Maybe I can implement this ritual in the coming months, when he’ll sleep in his bed and I could sit on it with him.Besides speaking of its bed, it is already mounted and the sheets were purchased. I kinda dread the first nights because it will be a first for him and when he sees that he can leave there to go have fun, maybe he’ll make us a bit more chaotic nights… I might also be less serene because I have ahead scared that he falls from his bed (even if to reduce the risk, we bought a bed rail and intend to put a carpet on the ground). I count out my baby video monitor to watch him and see if he stays in his bed or not. I hope this change don’t disturb him too much and he likes his new room great.

I am aware that so far we are very fortunate, because children who are happy to go to bed are not the most numerous. For now, I can so enjoy and have a good night I woke up to an hour more than correct. But I am aware that this luxury maybe won’t last… Indeed, coming up on the end of my pregnancy and the term will be held in the summer. Between the heat, the large can and the baby Boxer inside, I might not very well sleep the last few months. After that, there will be the arrival of our future baby which will be definitely different from our little hearts.Night feedings will be back hoping that our Baby Girl will then quickly nights, like its big brother.