Baby Rooms

Nothing against the bears, but for this list they were not invited. After all, wildlife is very diverse to stay only in Teddy Bears, right? So, we put them to hibernate while we bring you ideas to decorate the room of your baby themed animals.Click on the photos below to check one by one.

Baby Rooms

Little friends fun

Jungle is a uptrend for children’s rooms. But be careful for this theme, it is quite strong, don’t weigh in a baby room decor-which is not the case.Decorated by her own mother with enough use of white and light colors on the walls and furniture, the place was clean, light and fun.

With playful décor, room prioritizes space for movement, which will be used later for the games. With the policy of “less is more”, the result is a typical jungle room without excess on the furniture, vines across the environment or tiger skins darkening the ground. Instead all, discreet, free spaces furniture and animals that seem to have come out of a cartoon.

With moderate dimensions, 11.78 m2, room won a balanced design with simple, beautiful furniture-natural wood and lacquer mix–and functional.Countertop, sized, comfortable and blend with exchanger measures larger than the usual (2.40 m x 0.90 m). Prepared horizontally, it is wall mounted and can serve as a desk.

Kingdom of the butterflies

Romantic and feminine, the room thought to two sisters of different ages has decoration wallpaper populated by butterflies, trousseau of poá in soft colours and straight lines and contours. The pink and Brown under the filter of pastel colours ensures appropriate to the topic of lightness butterflies.

The environment accommodates quietly the daughter who was born earlier and your sister who has learned to sleep on the bed. The environment accommodates quietly the daughter who was born earlier and your sister who has learned to sleep on the bed. When the growing baby, the chest of drawers-changing table can be used to store other objects and support it.

Shelves and drawer are used for ornaments and toys her big sister. The butterfly-shaped chandelier, rhinestone-studded, gives the final cap for room need to enchant princesses of all ages.

The hygiene kit coordinated the hope chest is worked in pink and white, with poás and chess.

I love to see you, my Kitty!

The song used as a reference to the title of this room is Caetano but it was Doan’s Chico Buarque who inspired him. “The idea was born because of the melody of the acrobats, whose excerpts of the letter are embroidered in the hope chest,” recalls architect Ana Lubianca Gersenzon, Encantário.

The environment was designed to take advantage of the space, including crib, dresser with changing table and chests of drawers and Chair of nursing. The furniture, white lacquer finish and color laminated MDF rovere, have straight lines that ensure the modern tone. The cats appear everywhere: on the shelf on the various models, sizes and colors of cats.

Modernity appears, too, in the choice of colours. The mixture between the purple and orange resulted in a feminine, delicate decoration and very cheerful. The custom made outfits, 100% cotton fabric, has prints, embroideries and applications developed exclusively for the issue.

The pad with a cat doctor gives extra charm and makes reference to the occupation of the parents.

Owlet da guarda

The Princess’s room that was to be born began to be thought when mom bought the crib in Miami. “With references of the colors of the trousseau, a clean environment, with owls and a House for little bird that serves as a clothes rack”, explained the architect responsible for the project, Marina Bonini.The owlets, always attentive throughout the night, do the times of little angels.

The strong colors gave personality to the space and entered into perfect harmony with the pastel tones of the furniture. On the walls, the artist Ana Luiza de Paula made a distinguished work, with the use of wood, paint, adhesives and printing acrylic. “A mixture of recycled materials that gave rise to the work of wall art,” says Marina. The corner used by the mother at the time of breast-feeding has been specially thought to be quiet and cozy.

Ladybug tomboy and faded

All small’s mother Sophia wanted was to create a modern and cheerful environment to receive it. “She liked the theme of ladybugs, but ruled out the red color. That’s why we developed the prints and any design in shades of Orange and green “, explains Manager Chrís Trëmtin. So, the Ladybug was washed out, but not just as a matter of taste: the choice of colors was also influenced by Feng Shui. “While the green represents growth and health, Orange symbolizes relationships and sociability, which is ideal to enter Sophia with tranquility in his own family, which already has a 4-year-old girl”, explains Chrís.

The Pillow made especially for the room of Sophia takes your name.Ornaments and pieces made with mosaic, like the lamp and the wall appliques are ideal to prevent respiratory allergies, as well as give a special charm to the room. For better use of space, the old mobile that housed the desk was renovated and transformed into the dresser with changing table.