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Today, there are times a typical “casual mom to be” look by me. We were again yesterday throughout the day looking for some suitable furniture for our House. And as it is now somewhat more difficult in the 9th month (34. SSW) – with the input and out of our little car – a comfortable outfit had to be sure. Ordered I had the maternity leggings a few months about Zalando. She is from New Look and was really not expensive. Because I work in the Office and there was not roam with leggings, worn I have now actually still have my jeans. Private but I’m wearing it now certainly more often.Especially when the temperatures are warmer Finally I am on aerial and sommerlichere clothing.

Unfortunately, my legs through my eczema, what has become really bad during pregnancy are quite scarred. At home I wear my dress in the hope that the scars heal soon but nevertheless already busy. I bought only newly the sneakers by Sketchers. If the girl is, will go for a walk I certainly a lot and need then daily comfortable shoes.

The bag* I got to me at Rosegale * choose. My current favorite color is gray and the size of the bag is perfect. As a mother-to-be you should have always his mother passport.He fits perfectly in the Pocket and also my big purse still fits.

How look like my casual mom to be? What does her in pregnancy particularly like? Or what would carry her in a pregnancy?