Avoid Stretch Marks

Skin care for the belly

Her stomach will be maintained sufficiently! Basic hormonal changes take place in your body during pregnancy. Expectant mothers throw the hormone cortisol, which helps to weaken the connective tissue firmer collagen.

Not good news, especially since the skin just now constantly expands due to the weight gain and the growth of your baby.

Prevent stretch marks
Unsightly stretch marksthat can occur especially in the last trimester as reddish purple welts are the greatest risk to your skin. After healing, the stretch marks will remain brighter (yellowish white), but forever get. So try the best already from the outset to prevent their formation. Start in time with an all-round care by provide the skin with moisture and soften.

Massage with circular movements in the skin in the morning and in the evening an anti stretch mark product: first and foremost on the belly (you forgetting not the lower abdominal area and the belly button), but also on the hips, breasts and buns. Preferably use creams on the basis of collagen, elastin, vitamins A and E, or essential oils and care on a regular and uniform application.

Try a too rapid weight gainto avoid. If you do not, you limit automatically the risk, to get stretch marks. Also: a skin is younger, the more sensitive it is. A pregnant should pamper their skin so extensively women under 26 with anti stretch marks cream or oil.

The effectiveness of these treatments can be increased with body scrubs: an application per week makes the skin more resistant and helps to better move the active ingredients into the skin.

Little trick, to keep tension: sports!
In the first three months of your pregnancy can be operated safely exercise or stretching (only in sit-ups you should be careful for obvious reasons).

Ongoing during your pregnancy you should follow more sports with maternity sports bras from dentistrymyth, practised in the water: swimming or Aqua-gym are available up to the end and help keep a tight body. Even gentle activities such as walking, Yoga or Pilates provide balance and well-being.

More skin care tips:
Your body needs plenty of water, fruit and vegetables – in other words: a good supply “from the inside”. A comprehensive Sun protection is also important for the skin.