Avocado, Organization and Communication with Your Partner

Get in position of wanting to organize a plan with our partner. Normal would be making some documents in Drive or send us messages to Gtalk, but we want to be something more people and more collaborative, using a service conceived for couples, with all those details that imply a relationship of mutual affection.

The service Avocado It is intended to do so, to communicate only and exclusively with your partner and thus organize moments in common in a simple and straightforward way. Avocado is a web service, but has an Android application that falls short of what is required, in addition to a few extra functions with a great sense of humor.

To start using the service should register on the website, by entering both our mail and the other person, as well as a shared password that will be used between the two. Once the two have validated the account is the time to start doing things in common, and can chat, make lists, plan an Agenda or send us pictures to share.

Intended for couples in all senses

The fullest part is the of the chat, because it allows us to send messages to the other person and maintain a register with the novelties that are using this service, as when you added or removed a list. Has a way of putting emoticons: If we put a few specific characters chat image changes to the image that we have set, changing the avatar for that message. They also include drawings and be able to send not-so-virtual hugs and kisses as they give a photo of kissing and hugging the phone, very sad and strange as it may seem.

Apart from that chat, we find some functions of lists, non-none of the other world, and one Agenda very simple in which each one can choose when you want the notifications and who both want to go, allowing repeat the event every time. It also has a service to accommodate shared images designed so that two people can see them. As a final point enables a pattern of security that fires if left to use the application more than ten minutes.

The service is free, but we find some limitations, which are having a maximum of five to-do lists and a limit of 200 shared images. If that isn’t enough we can choose a plan premium costs 19.99 per year that allows us to avoid these restrictions. Perhaps a little expensive for many, but you never know is useful to who.

Avocado Version 1.7.6

  • Version of Android: Since 2.2
  • Developer: Avocado
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: free
  • Category: Tools

Avocado keeps your favorite person as close as your phone.
Avocado is the fast, reliable and fun way to stay connected with your partner privately no matter where you are. It’s like whispering sweet nothings in their ear from miles away. And home, it’s like a private space for any couple to collect and share to life.