Autumn Has Arrived. 4 Tips To Look To Wear Over The Knee Boots | Office Fashion

We always get a lot of questions with questions related to the use of over the knee, the boot of long pipe, which is no longer novelty among the trends, but remains firm and strong as well this season. Well, that model transitions for various styles and combinations, but we believe that the most important thing to maintain the vigor of this model is run very sexy combinations, betting on more contemporary and sophisticated visuals. See our fantastic four bet to leave your over the knee fashion without bumping into caricatures.

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Over The Knee + Dress + Fringe Bag

A great way to use it is with longer dresses, dress bar cover the barrel of the boot, thus stretching the silhouette, in a chic half effect. You can use with the most varied styles of dress, minimalist tube to stamped protagonist, as in this case that we indicate. Without doubt, a very nice way of valuing the boot and keep the elegance, taking advantage of the mídis lengths of the season – and the same goes for the skirts of the same profile. Here, to reinforce the boho atmosphere, we bet on a fringe, one of the stars of the 2016 winter.

Over The Knee + Pantacourt + Blazer + Top Printed

You know the shortest wide pantacourt, that which we already spoke a few times and that we consider a new classic of contemporary closet? Because this piece is another excellent suggestion to combine with long boots in a visual very professional, incremented, but still held. Combine with an elongated blazer and a printed top, giving cooler air to the composition.

Over The Knee + Chemisier Jeans-Purse Bag

Casual and chic at the same time, the combination of the long barrel boot with jeans is always accurate. We indicates use with dresses to make enough to boot, but it looks beautiful too with shorter pants, including pantacourts in Indigo, of course. In this combination, we bet in a classic accessory with scent trend, the bag-bag.

Skirt + Shirt + Jeans Bomber Jacket

Another good way of using the over the knee’s with a fluffy, more as a evasê model (which opens slightly toward the bar as A line), combined with other simple parts. We bet on shirt jeans and bomber jacket, this one another wish. Oh! Evasê skirt is perfect for smooth hips and thick thighs, leaving the more slender silhouette.