Attention to Toy Safety

Toys are very important for the development of children, as well as playful and fun products, contribute to motor development, logical reasoning and learning of numbers and letters.

But for the fun to be complete you need a lot of attention to the safety of toys. One of the first points to note is the existence of the Inmetro seal, it will ensure that the products have been tested with regard to the risks they can offer children.

According to Inmetro, toys should not have sharp points or sharp edges, or even small parts that could come off and cause accidents. The manufacturing material must be non-toxic, since children usually take the products to their mouths, so avoid poisoning.

Here Are Tips For Avoiding Toy Accidents:

– The age group is very important information, check the indication and give the child only a toy according to her age.

– Constantly scan toys for any damage or broken parts that may cause accidents or injury to children.

– Keep the toy in a safe place to prevent children from tripping over them.

– Children should not use toys near stairs, swimming pools, street and lake.
Before delivering the toy to the child, remove it from the package as it may cause suffocation.

– Supervising the child’s play is necessary, but beyond just watching is worth much more and it will be more enjoyable to engage in the fun together with the little one.

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