At Night Not All Cyclists Are Silly

I continue to check that there are people who use the bicycle in urban areas and do not light up properly. Chained by public lighting, he thinks he is safe because he can see where he is going! However, forgetting that driving at night without lights is taking unnecessary risk. The night cyclist has to be noticed, and for this must be equipped with reflectors and a good pair of lights.

The new technologies allow a greater offer of solutions for any type of needs. The lights for bicycles have had their natural evolution. With each passing day, it seems, these lights become even brighter, and the main development in the headlamp of the bikes is the efficiency in the use of the energy source. From the flashlight from listofledlights to carburetor, through the dynamo, which illuminates when the cyclist begins to pedal, to the lithium battery, from the intensity of the brightness to the luminous pattern, many light years have passed.

The use of LED lights has become common among cyclists. Some lights offer more than a standard and intensity of illumination. There are many and varied options at many and varied prices, powered by batteries or rechargeable batteries. Just go to one of these Asian stores and get out of there with your bike brighter than a Christmas tree. If they last a long time, that is another question. It may even be an annoying, blinking light, but after all the point is to see it through.

Under certain conditions, especially on poorly lit roads, it draws even more attention from a motorist to the presence of a cyclist when he uses reflectors, both on the bicycle and in clothing. It is alias, mandatory in the road code, the bicycle be equipped with reflectors, on the wheels, at the front and at the rear.

Article 93 (3) of the Highway Code, approved by Decree-Law No.114/94 of 3 May, as amended by Decree-Law No.44/2005 of 23 February, provides that Is dependent on the use of light-signaling devices.

Cycles when traveling on public roads, under the conditions referred to in Article 93 (3) of the Road Code, shall be fitted with front and rear position lamps complying with the characteristics laid down in the Regulation…

Without prejudice to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, in order to indicate their presence, all cyclists shall have front and rear reflectors which comply with the characteristics laid down in this Regulation…”

Under these conditions, more than any other method of creating visibility, having the bike equipped with a good focus of permanent illumination, to see the road well, wearing colorful and reflective clothes that stand out under the headlights of a car, helps a cyclist To see and to be seen, thus drawing the attention of all.

There is a definite safety advantage in situations where a bicycle can not be seen in any other way. As irritating as flashing lights can be, using them makes the rider feel safer, and I really believe that some motorists admit that it helps them as well. Feeling safer, cyclists are more willing to ride at night.

There are several methods to make a bicycle visible in the dark, however it is never too heavy to load a pair of batteries or alternate lights, it will not be the case to end the autonomy in the middle of the route. Leaving aside some of the aesthetics and velocipic classicism but taking advantage of the practical and technological solution, a good investment is this pack of USB rechargeable lights : excellent for daily and intensive use, a lighting “to be seen” more than enough, Good range, resistant to rain and shock, easy to attach to the bike. Just turn on the computer to wait 2 hours and are recharged.