ASUS Zenwatch 3 Reviews

Round instead of square: ASUS’s 3 new way not only in the design of the ZenWatch. Whether this was a good decision, betrays our test.

The first two generations of the ZenWatch were square. The ASUS ZenWatch 3 has become round and thus follows the most other Smartwatches. While she loses this unique selling proposition, she receives another at the same time: is the first Smartwatch with Android wear three buttons located on the side.

Round display and programmable buttons

Reported by, the round of ZenWatch 3 with a diameter of 1.39 inches touchscreen offers a sharp image with a resolution of 400 x 400. The AMOLED display very bright sparkles in bright colours, and if necessary. Only one that applies to all Smartwatches remains as a point of criticism: on the small screens, you can see only info bites. But for this, they are also intended.

Ever ne to measuring point is the ZenWatch 3 between 9.95 and 10.75 millimeters thick, but still not clunky or hard. My wrist but apparently had a critical range. The bracelet was either too wide or too narrow for me. Schlackerte the clock, or irritated skin. Colleagues have good set but for their joints and can easily carry the Smartwatch. The bracelets are not 22-mm standard, but to replace without tools against others.

The two additional buttons of the ZenWatch 3 – compared to the ZenWatch 2 – can show you the keys setting app on the Smartwatch themselves with functions. Even settings, such as about the power-saving mode or flight mode are available next to the apps on the clock. Two apps or settings starts or is adjusted with the buttons faster. This is worth only if you use really two applications more frequently than others. As with the three buttons, the clock seems to me chunky. Even if you wearing not feel.

Waiting for Android wear 2.0

Android wear 2.0 is not appeared yet, so that also the ZenWatch 3 with Android wear running 1.5. The update for the Smartwatch operating system has moved to 2017 Google, so you must still wait for their innovations.

A 340-mAh battery, up to two days the clock supplied with electricity inside the ZenWatch 3. The battery of the Smartwatch was empty but after a day in the test with frequent use. Almost only used her to read the time, the battery will last through almost three days. With the circular charger, the battery is easily recharged. ASUS promises 60 percent in 15 minutes. If this is you still too much interruption, you can extend battery life by 40 percent with an extended battery. The external battery magnetically sticks on the back of the ZenWatch. To the test it wasn’t me but available, so I can not judge the impact on the comfort.

You must refrain from GPS and a pulse measurement at the ASUS ZenWatch 3. For this still 512 megabytes you can expect memory and four gigabytes of internal memory alongside the Smartwatch Snapdragon chipset 2100 by Qualcomm. Also the IP67 waterproof watch features include a microphone and a

Speaker. You can issue voice commands via “OK Google” and send SMS or chat messages directly on the clock, for example. Calls can also start you must then take the Smartphone in hand.

About the ZenWatch Manager app on your smartphone you can install more apps on the ZenWatch 3, which Asus has developed especially for his Smartwatches. In addition, settings can be adjust and change especially the dial. Depending on the design, you can customize it even further and you can display the battery level of the Smartphone, the weather, or the number of steps.

Bottom line: cheap Smartwatch with modifier keys

2016 lull prevailed in the Smartwatch. There were only a few new models. ASUS ZenWatch 3 from other design differs DS that are almost identical functions for all devices with Android wear. The two programmable keys are unique. Overall, the ZenWatch 3 is a successful Smartwatch in which Asus has maintained its course and continues to offer one of the cheapest Smartwatches. The ZenWatch 3 is available in three different housing colors – gun metal, Rosé gold and silver – and optionally with leather or plastic bracelet. Leather strap, the Smartwatch costs 229 euro 249 euro, with plastic bracelet.

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