Asus Zenwatch 2 and Zenfone 2 in the First Impression

In the next weeks we will also look at new devices from ASUS, because we have sent us the ZenFone 2 and also the ZenWatch 2. Both devices have Android and Android Wear, of course, so I can match the Tizen-Smart watch Gear S2 . For the time being, however, there is always my first impression. How good or bad are the current ASUS devices with me on the first touch? You will find this in the following lines.

ASUS Zenwatch 2

ASUS has presented the ZenWatch 2 with Android Wear a few months ago and brought the watch with some delay also into the German trade. Well, with the availability is still such a topic, you have to look for something to get the clock really off the shelf (with Notebooks billiger). What is the first impression? Very nice, I have to say.

Because of their size, I like the ZenWatch 2 really well, the materials make a high-quality impression and at the first moment the ZenWatch 2 is also very pleasant. Sure, the display edges could have been a bit smaller, but one must be able to live with it. The real leather strap looks just as good and is comfortable to wear.

This Android Wear watch is mine from TimeDictionary, I would attest to myself. Let’s see how much or little fun the everyday use makes.

ASUS Zenfone 2

Just as hard to get is the ZenFone 2, at least between market start and availability in Germany once again a great time span. The Android smart phone, which cost less than 400 euros, once had a special feature, it was the first device with 4 GB of RAM memory. In addition, it has an Intel processor, which is otherwise rare in smart phones.

First impression? So lala. One can call the device as a “clopper”, because it is for its 5.5 “simply too big, too thick and too heavy. A comparable device would be the Moto X Play , with the case but simply a better impression. Due to the generous arch, the ZenFone 2 is nevertheless good in the hand, the plastic back is quite handy and has a cool look.

The processing seems really good, but I already had devices with better haptics in the hands. Something “weird” is the power button that is centered on the top.