As Pajama Bottoms “Out Of Bed” And Ended Up On The Runway | Sets In Real

It is not today that we have explored the universe of intimacy, private, and reinvented with a certain dash of boldness. Curiosity about what we do behind closed doors, away from the public eye, always generated subject for many different areas. And the sets, as social and cultural reflection of your time, I could not be out of it. No wonder, in an era of ressignification of boundaries between private and public, the theme has returned to the creations of several designers. And that’s how our subject today, the Pajama pants, goes on the agenda.

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The play, inspired by old fashioned sleep sets made of silk, began to emerge in fashion around the beginning of the years 1960, having as one of its creators pioneered Designer Emilio Pucci. But it is from the years 2000 the trend seems to emerge as a recurring idea, going back and forth in numerous seasons. From then on, Stella McCartney, Louis Vuitton, Lanvin and Salvatore Ferragamo were just some of the designers who have bet on their versions of the comfortable and fluid pants. For your convenience and comfort, since mid-2012, the Pajamas pants already took to the streets of major cities. Associated with high-lowlooks, became attractive to those looking for wellbeing in urban and stylish look.

In addition to this your version already well accepted, the item reappeared in recent seasons with a lot of reading international controversy, which also raises from time to time. In a trend “Pajama party”, which led designers to explore in everyday fashion references ranging from sweaters to the slippers, Pajama pants is proposed within sets that look ready to get under the covers.

The total look Pajamas is not easy, but, besides being extremely hot to wear, has been used by many style icons and, believe it or not, very sophisticated and even with an aristocratic air. So much so that the Dolce & Gabbana arrived to launch a line of very special sleep sets that can be used for your original purpose or to put your face in the Sun — as most of their buyers prefer. Used in one form or another, one thing is certain: comfortable trends are never too much. Enjoy!