Are Sigg Water Bottles Safe to Drink from

Wholesome high-quality drinking bottle and a distinctive look–this is what is represented by the brand SIGG bottles, originating in Switzerland. Every year comes with lots of new SIGG design themes that appear on the bottles. For SIGG also work the world’s leading designers. Thanks to this, there were some bottles SIGG included in the collections of the Museum of modern art in New York.

Every one can find between the SIGG bottle designs just one that may underline his image or activity that makes use of the bottle, whether it be hiking, sport, snack to school or a bottle for lovers of urban style.

The durability and ruggedness

At the beginning of the production of bottles, SIGG is the casting of aluminum about the size and shape of a hockey puck. It pushes a hollow cylinder that is differently shaped up a bottle.

The inside of the bottle with a special powder coating technology– covers the special coating that is resistant to chemical reactions that might occur in combination with a drink. The finish is after applying the color on the bottle so that the colour is burned neodlupuje and nepoškrábě, even after prolonged use.

Children will appreciate the happy pictures on bottles and mature resistance of the material and the certainty that not every now and then to buy a new plastic bottle for your children.

Overall, it is designed so that the bottle is extremely resistant against mechanical or chemical damage. If still dents as a result of enormously high pressure inner layer and the bottle is still functional and it is possible to use it.

Health safety

The material of the inner surface has such properties that nijakým way to the drinks do not exclude any substances such as toxins in PET bottles. At the same time does not absorb odor, or any substance from the drinks, so preserving their taste and aromatic properties.

SIGG Products have strict attests. Their resistance to fruit and izotonických drinks such as has been verified. an independent testing Institute in Nehringu in Germany. and even meets the requirements of the FDA, which is the Agency for drug control in the United States.
Easy maintenance

Thanks to the material used is very easy to clean bottles, SIGG. Even leaving the fruit drinks for a long period in the bottle is not a problem for this product. You can use any cleaning brush for cleaning bottles or buy in our store special SIGG bottles cleaning brush.

In the case of really soiled, it is possible to use the cleaning tablets, which you indicate a SIGG bottle back to its original state.

The variability of the

In addition to the constant new and original designs SIGG on a bet that the bottles produced many shapes and colors, which you can buy and change the design of its bottles. There are also accessories such as straps and termoo baly, or snack boxes – you have not only ensured the picnic beverage, but secured even a snack.


The production of aluminum SIGG bottle is much greener than the production of plastic bottles. SIGG bottles will last many years and consequently their consumption is much less than the consumption of plastic bottles.

SIGG, however, goes even further in the context of ecology. Is a participant in the global action of 1% For The Planet–1% of their turnover dedicated to fight for the improvement of the environment. Coming up with new designs every year, which in its design bear different environmental message and this is another way of trying to organically on humanity.