Apron for Wine: Christmas Crafts

Wine, sparkling, as are drinks that mark presence in the end-of-year celebrations. What do you think to learn the step by step of an incredible wine apron? This super different accessory is made with felt, material very easy to find.

There is no denying that step by step today is super easy. And, from it, you can create even beautiful ornaments on Christmas tree, based on which we will make available. Were you curious?

So, don’t wait another moment, learn now how to make this super creative ornament that will have success on your supper!

Materials Needed

  • Felt colors: red, Brown and green
  • Buttons
  • Gold Ribbon
  • Hot glue
  • PIN
  • Needle
  • Red line
  • Brown line

Step by step

1-Cut felt pieces according to the moulds. Then, separate a snip of red felt and fit the tree trunk. Start basting the trunk, settling on the red felt.

2-Baste the entire outline of the tree and trunk. Use a PIN so that the pieces do not come out of the place.

3-for garnishing, sew some buttons in the tree, with the same line that was used to baste the outline.

4-On the back of the felt, glue the Golden tape, as shown in the picture.

5-then paste over the other part felt that had been reserved.

6-Baste the entire side, joining the two pieces of red felt.

And the apron for wine will stay this way.

After it’s done, it’s just decorate the bottle, that will be full of style.

Now you have a great party clothes for your wine, how about learning how to make a beautiful wreath made with felt flowers. A hit!

Christmas tree ornament

You can take advantage of the templates and make beautiful Christmas tree ornaments. The process is the same, the only difference is that instead of you sew the pieces on the apron, you stitch two pieces of felt the same risk and put the Ribbon on top, to allow you to hang the ornament on the tree.

Did you see? This tip today was 2:00 pm 1, and came out better than to order.

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A big hug and until the next tip!

Creation and Pictures: Karina Rakshit