Apply Fabrics in the House and Make a Cheap Decor

Reuse tissues at the time of composing the decoration of environments is very interesting, especially if the fabric is of good quality. The architects Claudia Alionis and Eduardo Bessa, the Cactus architecture and urbanism, which always take advantage of fabrics, sofas, poufs and cushions for also to make shawls.

“We seek to reuse curtains that are in good condition in other environments of the same project or in a side project from the same client. Recently, we designed a cottage in Cabreúva and all the curtains blackouts in rustic silk came from the former owner’s apartment, “he says.

But a lot of nice thing can also be done with flaps, for example. If you have children at home, can make baskets to organize toys using colorful fabrics. How can be wall mounted by a support rod, they don’t take up space.

If you have some fabrics with prints of stands, for example, how about making a rug with small pockets to keep the carts of their children? While fun, the mat will help keep the toys.

Another fun idea is you create different pads, as in the shape of animals. Kids will love!

For the dining room, can be requested to make a decorative American game. Indoor towels made of tissue flaps are ideal for tableware, primarily for use in meals made outdoors or in cottages.

For the quarter, we can’t stop talking about the famous quilts. It all started when someone sought ways to use flaps to make a warm and cozy bedding. This is still a great way to make the most of your favorite pieces of Jigsaw.