Apple’s Future Plans

Will the iPhone screen to be larger? And is really the persistent rumors of a clock and a television set? We stop the finger in the word of power.

Apple has lost its grip–at least according to many pundits and analysts who want to see more news from the company. To appease the technology industry’s constant demand for innovations needed obviously more than fingerprint sensors, high-resolution displays, and a redesigned Mac Pro.

Lack of patience is natural in a fast-paced technology market. Compared to the competition moves namely Apple at a snail’s pace. While competitors like Samsung and Sony are bountiful with new Apple products seem to stand still. The company’s recent entry into a new product category took place four years ago with the launch of the iPad.

Will Apple to add any news to the range in 2014? The question asked the Wall Street Journal to the Apple ceo Tim Cook in February.

There will be new categories and we are working on some great things. We’re not ready to talk about them, I do not believe that any sensible person would say that they are not a new category, “said Cook.

New things are going on, but Cook’s vague answer gives no clear time frame. Maybe something new this year, maybe not.

While waiting for more definitive announcement continues the speculation, both on new products and on the existing Apple-CA future. But what rumors can we really trust? We have been checking into the crystal ball in pursuit of Apple-CA future.

Can Apple make Telly smarter?

More and more evidence show that Apple is prepared to make good of their television plans, according to deluxesurveillance. At the same time start the rumors of a full-fledged television set to become silent.

A few months before his death, said Steve Jobs that he “had finally cracked the” tv-market problems:

“I want to create an integrated television set that is easy to use. It would seamlessly sync with all of your devices and with iCloud, said Jobs.

The quote, as found in Jobs official biography, got online to explode by rumors. For a brief period was the launch of a new television set from Apple as inevitable. Since then, it has been almost three years, and Apple tv appear still no trace.

The arguments for that Apple will actually build a full-fledged tv is good. The company has a solid history of great screens and interfaces and also has a well-established technology for wireless streaming through Airplay. On the other hand, weighs counter-arguments equal weight: the tv industry is already highly competitive and the big players are drawn with thin margins. In addition, the tv sets a hard-selling category because consumers rarely buy new.

It is high time for an update to the Apple TV. The question is whether Apple finally is prepared to consider the black little box as more than a “hobby”. Photo: Apple

Both sides have good points, but it must also be said that the most persistent rumors about a television set from Apple have fallen silent on the latter. Now there is talk more often about a proper update to the Apple TV.

App store next step

The little black box, Apple TV was long as a “hobby” by Apple, even though the company has sold millions of units since the current form factor was launched in 2010. The awl recently was honored with a separate heading on the Apple site (it was previously included in the iPod category), which has been interpreted as a sign of an imminent investment in the product.

And Yes, there is room for the obvious improvements to the Apple TV. Two years have passed since the hardware last received a meaningful update, and the interface differs markedly from the more modern iOS-the cousins ‘ revamped iOS 7.

In an updated Apple TV is a related app store a lågoddsare. Inspiration should be obvious. To iOS and Android platforms is already a flurry play apps, created by the content owners themselves. To the Apple TV only have a few apps have been allowed to pass through the needle’s eye, including Netflix and TV4 Play.

Tough competition for place in the tv bench

A wider app-support would differentiate Apple TV from the competition on the market for media players. There is now the ever-smarter STBs, some of which include features like movie rental and Netflix app. While many of the smart TVs have built-in features and apps that compete directly with today’s Apple TV.

Apple rival Google has also taken aim at media furniture. Their latest effort called Chromecast and is a cheap little streaming stick that plugs into the tv. Other gadgets vying for a place in the hdmi ports are game consoles from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. In addition to the games they offer all both video features and apps.

A new Apple TV have many competitors to match.

Rumors suggest that Apple TV will get support for controllers. This could mean that Apple is prepared to take the fight with game giants. We should not, however, expect that the hardware can match a dedicated machine like the Xbox One. Photo: Microsoft.

When does the launch?

During the winter and spring, it was whispered that a new version of Apple TV would be unveiled in the first half of last year, and start to sale forward of the year. The basis for such claims is partly the fact that the code to version 7.1 of iOS contains references to “Apple TV 4.1” (the existing model is known as “Apple TV 3.2”).

Major newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and Bloomberg stuck out his chin in question. They all cited unnamed sources who talked about a possible launch in the first half of the year. Maybe it sounded waterproof, but the data had a heavyweight opponent. Jim Dalrymple is a recognized reliable Apple-watchers with good sensations within the company. In a blog post from February, he commented on the rumours about an impending Apple TV launch with a single word: “Nope.”

That Apple has something going on is likely, but a spring launch, it was not that the launch period may be considered unclear.

In conjunction with the data from the major newspapers has new tasks have been added. Apple’s earlier ambitious plans have included commercial-free live tv and egeninköpta co