Apple Watch, This Is What You Need To Know

Surely one of the launch of this 2015 will occur next April.We talk about the Apple Watch, the entry of the firm of Cupertino in the new market of smartwatchs where until now, Android Wear and to a lesser extent Tizen with the latest model of Samsung have been the absolute protagonists.

This market still being born, with the doubtful users about the real usefulness of an advanced watch, will therefore receive the Apple Watch without a very clear path created yet. For now the sport, quantification and notifications are the areas where the smartwatch wants to take the site of the smartphone in certain circumstances. Take note of how Apple Watch plans to do it.

There Is No Single Apple Watch

According to localtimezone, the first thing to know about the Apple Watch is that there is not a single model. It will be one of the product categories of Apple where more variety presents the company. With a base of three models, the straps or the size of the own watch leave us with quite numerous combinations. The base models are:

Apple Watch. It will be the main model. The case is stainless steel in silver or black, with a screen protected by sapphire crystal and several straps from which to choose, from skin to links and fluoroelastomer belts. In total, with both possible sizes (42 and 38 mm), this version will have 18 possible models.

Apple Watch Sport. It will be the most affordable model with less possibilities of personalization (10). The case in this case changes to anodized aluminum with silver or gray finish, and two sizes (42 and 38 mm). The screen is also not sapphire and has to be conformed with reinforced Ion-X glass. You will only find five fluoroelastomer belts in five colors (white, blue, green, pink and black)

Apple Watch Edition. It is the most ambitious model when in its relationship with fashion and luxury. There are six models, all with 18 carat gold case and polished sapphire crystal display.

The Controls On The Apple Watch

In the design of the Apple Watch includes the control system that the apple company wants to mark as a differential. The classic crown of the watches in a complementary touch control mode on the touch screen, which not only identifies the touch on it but the pressure.

Apple has called it Corona Digital and its function is double: to zoom and scroll through the interface without covering the screen with your finger and as a start button. There will also be possibility of control with Siri, function that is activated while holding the Digital Crown or with a Oye Siri. What we can tell the Apple assistant is related to appointments in the agenda, dictate messages, take notes or get directions. In fact, when carrying speaker and mirrophone, the Apple Wacth can act as hands-free.

For notifications and response to ls interaction with the clock, Apple has placedhaptic response on the skin, a kind of vibration that according to Apple is different for each type of event. That is the basis of a function that recovers the “touch ” of the beginnings of the mobile phone.

The screen is known to be Retina, but there is no data for now of its resolution. As for the battery, you will not be able to get past the usual day, of course, having the screen on at all times. In spite of it, it will be the great barrier of entrance. No longer will it be just the usual device to load every night. To do this, Apple has placed a Magsafe connector at the bottom. Spheres And Functions Associated With The Clock

It is less curious that one of the most striking uses of advanced clocks for now is to look and manage the hour. Yes, as you hear. And precisely the smartwatch that puts more emphasis on this feature is the Apple watch.

As in other advanced clocks in the market, the spheres can be customized (for now it does not appear that Apple will open his hand to leave this part of his watch to third parties) both in appearance and functionality, changing color, images or information that Is shown at a glance, including alarm, timer, moon phases, calendar, bag, weather … As it could not be otherwise, when connected to the iPhone, both time changes and time zones automatically identifies them, changing the Hour if necessary.

Some of the options that are given are quite interesting, like the real time graph of the laps when we exercise and use the stopwatch.

A Watch With Aspirations Of Social Bond

If some Apple convinced them that cut and paste years after the competition was a great achievement in the smartphone world, we should not be surprised that from Cupertino want to give a very social tone to his watch the hand of functions that, to Priori, seems rather absurd: touches, drawings or even sending our pulse to another person also using an Apple Watch.

Beyond the anecdote, that surely is an option that a certain sector of consumers are enthusiastic to use (here the simplicity and touch Apple has much to say), the logic is that the communication is focused on voice messages and hands free, Being able to initiate calls or answer them from the telephone itself. We will see if a hands-free headset arrives, expected if we consider the sports field, which makes this feature less strange, but on the other hand could be devastating for a rather limited battery for now.

Yes, It Also Includes Notifications And Applications

At this point in the article and the notifications had not made an appearance. This leaves us a bit more clear that it will not be, at first, the most publicized Apple Watch. Apple Watch has not been diverted much from what we find right now on the market the truth.

Unless we know the catalog of developer applications that can be used on the clock, Apple has given access to text messages (which we can read, reply or open on the smartphone) and emails (we can manage them from the Clock of elemental form).The real ecosystem will come from hands of third parties and Apple has already given some more details of how the applications will be in the Apple Watch, counting on its own store of downloads .

Here is an example of an application called What is there to eat? You use the Apple clock to show recipes, timer and step by step to do the same, all without having to touch the smartphone.

Sport And Quantification In The Apple Watch

One field in which Apple Watch will want to be important is the field of sport .Standard comes with accelerometers to measure steps and distance, plus heart ratemeasurement thanks to a sensor placed at the back that uses infrared LEDs and visible light to detect the pulse. What does not include the Apple watch is GPS. To achieve this functionality the smartwatch must resort to the iPhone.

What does seem to have worked quite Apple is the sports application, which in addition to a record of our activities, allows to manage training, goals and even achievements / badges.

The new Apple Watch will be waterproof but not submersible, and the battery has already been confirmed by Apple that will last 18 hours , which means a one-day autonomy if we arrive. If we activate a mode of low consumption we could stretch its use up to three days , but you have to think that only the hour.

Apple Watch Price

The three versions of the Apple Watch already have official price . The most affordable model, the Apple Watch Sport, can be purchased from April 24 in the US for $ 349 , which is the model with a size of 38 mm. If we want the 42 mm the price goes up to 399 dollars.

The next in finishing is the Apple Watch, which will cost between $ 549 and $ 1,100, depending on the type of belt we choose to accompany it. In the box of each watch will come two straps , predictably the one we have chosen as standard and a basic for sports mode.

As for the most expensive model, the Apple Watch Edition, its price will start at $ 10,000 and there are several models with exclusive features that we tell you.