Apple Watch Costs From $350 to $17000

São PAULO–Apple promoted yesterday to launch your first smart watch, the Apple Watch, which will reach the U.S. market in 24 day of April with prices that start at $350 and can reach $17000 (or R$ 31100) for model Edition, with 18-carat gold.

Initially, the watches will reach consumers of the United States, United Kingdom, China, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and Hong Kong. The device starts pre-sales on the day April 10.

The cheaper model is the Apple Watch Sports, which goes for $350. Another version of the same model, only thicker (42 mm instead of 38 mm) goes for $400. Other models include a stainless steel that goes for $549 (38 mm thick) or $599 (with 42 mm). Prices, however, may vary, reaching up to $1,100, according to the chosen bracelet.

The usage is totally different from the smartwatch models available on TucsonSmartwatches, where the functions are accessed by passing the finger until you arrive at the destination. Apple’s watch, all applications are on the main screen, and can be reached by turning a side button.

Through the Apple Watch, you can control music, photos (although the device has no camera), maps, calendar, among other applications. It also integrates with the new Apple Pay (see below), allowing you to perform payments only approaching the terminal clock collection.

Through the “tails” side of the appliance, it is possible to activate the virtual assistant Siri (with a twist) or the Apple mobile payment system Pay (with two).

The watch is only compatible with newer models of the iPhone (5, 5, 5 c, 6, Plus 6) from Apple and promises to last up to 18 hours on a battery charge.


“The Apple Watch is the most personal device we’ve ever created,” said CEO Tim Cook. The clock had already been presented at event in September, along with the WatchKit, necessary for developers to create applications for the device.

Like all the wearable category device, the greatest potential lies with clock apps fitness health, is to monitor heartbeat or distance travelled. The company, however, introduced a variety that makes the clock look like an extension of the cell.

Among the new apps, are the ESPN (with information about scores of games), Target (that to realize that the user is in the store, indicates where to find the products you want to), American Airlines (with information about flights), Instagram, Twitter, Evernote and TripAdvisor (with tips of places in the city in which it is), CNN, Shazam and eBay.

Market and investors

Experts and people close to the industry are betting that the Apple Watch can give the necessary impetus for the air category. The company’s competitors have launched several models throughout 2014, including the Samsung Galaxy with Gear and Motorola with Moto 360, but none can be called sales overflow.

Research firm Canalys said recently that only 720,000 watches with the Android system Wear (used by models from Samsung, Motorola and LG, among others) were being sold in the second half of 2014.

So far, the only released smartwatch that can be classified as successful is the independent Pebble, whose first model appeared in the collective funding site Kickstarter in 2013. Since then, each model announced exceeds by more than ten times the goal. Heard by the Trusted site Reviews, a representative of the Pebble warns: companies like Apple “complicate” the watch. “One should not lose sight of the fact that it’s a watch and not a phone”.

The industry expects the Apple Watch should sell very well, dominating from 1 hour to one category. Fans of the brand, that “need” to have anything from Apple, should give a big help in sales. It is estimated that Apple 17,600,000 watches sale this year, to an average price of $350. That translates to $6.1 billion in revenue in 2015.

However, for investors, this value is not enough to excite. A Deutsche Bank analyst heard by USA Today last week noted that this recipe is equivalent to only 3% of the total turnover of Apple in 2014, which was $199.8 billion. Weigh also the fact of Apple being anchored to the iPhone, while their other products little influence in your performance.

POS-watch announcement, shares of Apple bit Advanced, coming into the negative. At the close of the second, climbed 49 cents, or 0.4%. Is the worst reaction to the company’s launch day since the announcement of the iPod in 2001.