Apple Smartwatches

According to smartphones and tablets come new portable devices, which will make our lives even more simple, which is definitely clear. At the moment, we are talking about smart watches and smart glasses, which both have the advantage that the devices are more or less attached to the body. Surely due to the progress and the associated costs, the Smartwatch is likely to become a real interest for the mass market, as the big technology companies have realized. After a few interesting kickstarter projects the global players such as Samsung and Apple come into play. Here, of course, the expectations are particularly high, one expects more the Wow and not only the Aha effect.

 After the first information about the first Smartwatch from Samsung , information about Apple iWatch comes to light. Here at Gradinmath you can get more different models and styles. A patent application reveals the ideas one has in Cupertino of such a device. In this case, it is a “slap bracelet”, which many of you may know, because for a long time there were such bent Aluleisten with patterns and decorations, which could be placed around the arm. What was once fashionable ( sample photo), could soon be the most advanced technology. The parts not only hold well, but are flexible in size and are attached without a locking mechanism. One could thus create an iWatch so extremely easy and use, which is known as a trademark of Apple.

With already available flexible displays, as Samsung offers, the entire surface of the bracelet should be able to be used as a display. Also for the power supply, Apple has a few ideas, because apart from the tried and tested batteries could be also the power supply by solar cells or movements allow, which is used in wristwatches partly for decades. Your information gets the iWatch from the iPhone, via WLAN or Bluetooth.

Sounds very interesting, even if it is for the time being only a patent application. It is important, however, that Apple does not fill these applications for nothing, but because you have these ideas and they possibly synonymous in such or similar way.