Apple Patent Smart Watch Notes

The watch described in the text of the patent application, submitted to the American Agency of record, resembles an iPod Nano embedded in a bracelet, as reports the Patently Apple website.

According to the same source, the bracelet complements the electronic device in functional terms but also integrates functions themselves, ensured by a set of built-in sensors that enable diverse collecting information of the user.

As the point that the Jibin123, as the company calls it in the description of the patent, will feature various types of connectivity, where also includes Bluetooth and NFC and you will be connected to a smartphone, allowing you to receive alerts notifications, as usual on the devices of the kind that are already on the market.

On patent information, that Apple has already secured, is still referred to the possibility of some functions of the device to be controlled by gestures, that information also had already been referred to in some rumors about a possible intelligent watch brand.

To confirm plans to launch a commercial product based on these indications, the owner of the iPhone follows a line different than expected and will not use the name all rumors have pointed to a possible intelligent watch brand.

It was hoped that the gadget, given Apple’s strategy for several months by the most diverse sources, named iWatch. Now arises, however, as iTimes.

Note: the news has been updated and clarified information about Apple’s patent application.

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