Apple Is Still Committed to Its Smartwatch Apple Watch

Apple has launched the new device Apple Watch 2 wearables in which are shown various devices wearables to learn and improve our health and sports and that work with your application Health.

In its mobile devices commitment in the body, it invites users to use existing apps through your iPhone 6, equipped with sensors.The expected Apple Watch 2 will have a practical application in sports and personal care, according to directoryaah.

Already in our intro talk about a guide on how to buy a smartwatch.

Motto says something like: you’re more powerful than you think the new iPhone. In the video are numerous trainings of different sports and those who practice them using wearable devices that are already in the market and apps very widespread among the users of iPod and iPhone: Wahoo Fitness consensores measuring training; as a smart bracelet for sport and everyday life; Zepp we are talking about a device for playing golf that analyzes the swing; Withings their scales, and products for the control of the dream; and your own 6 iPhone among others.

Apple Watch designed for physical activity

A month ago apple introduced its new operating system that integrates the app for health and sport “Health”. The sowftaware of the app allows you to make controls of fitness, sleep or medical, follow-up analyses as well as other custom options. The app serves as a “hub” to collect all data that provide all the devices mentioned and fitness applications.

On the other hand, Healthkit is a tool for measuring application developers can sort all these records, store them safely and that the user decides which information you want to share.

As for the Apple Watch 2, different sources suggest that is available for Christmas and that this advertising campaign is a step that Apple company smart clock will have a clear orientation towards the health care and the practice of sport.

What is clear is that it either through our sensors smartphone that we will be increasingly in the future we like more information on our activities for motivate us to improve our physical activity and at the same time the sport or simply take a better and advisable to healthier lifestyle.

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