Apple has Five More Days to Reflect on the iPhone Case

Cisco announced that it will extend the deadline for reply from Apple regarding the case of dispute of rights to the iPhone trademark. According to Reuters, the negotiations will be extended until the next day, February 21, at which point the company Steve Jobs will have to decide about a possible agreement between the two parties.

Natalie Kerris, Apple spokesman, confirmed the extension of the deadline and stressed that it is in the interest of the company to reach an agreement that respects the rights of the trademark as interoperability.

This is not the first time Cisco extends the deadline for the decision making of Apple. On Phonejust, the manufacturer had already taken a similar decision to make iPhone cases and covers.

the patent dispute arose after Apple announced the entry into the mobile market with the availability of a mobile phone, the iPhone. The Cisco it claiming to be the holder of the mark, for that would not be possible there is another product with similar name in the market.

the iPhone brand is under the purview of San Francisco since 2000, when it acquired a company called Infogear, responsible for the manufacture of mobile phones with the same name.

Apple objected noting that the U.S. federal laws allow companies to share the same name as long as the goods or services are not designed for the same purposes.

speaking to the international press, Alan Hely, a spokesman for Apple, said the company was “the only one to use the iPhone trademark to a phone” and pointed out that there are multiple companies to use the same name for VoIP phones.

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