AOL Revenues of US $ 1 Billion by Selling Patents (and Netscape) to Microsoft

Desperate to see that people are not using both their notorious CDs to connect to the internet, AOL seeks a new way to stay alive somehow. And she seems to have found one: get rid of some items on its patent portfolio in exchange for money. The company announced today that it sold most of its patents to Microsoft.

The company says it will sell more than 800 patents for the Redmond giant in a deal that will bring the company’s coffers a total of US $ 1.056 billion. Another 300 patent will continue with AOL, but the technologies related to it will be licensed to Microsoft a nonexclusive basis.

Another curious item in the agreement involves the sale of a share stake in a subsidiary of AOL. According to Peter Kafka of AllThingsD, this subsidiary would be Netscape, which indicates that Microsoft just bought part of one of the oldest and most famous web browsers internet. Netscape mark, however, remain with AOL.

According to Read Write Web, the number of patents is related to several items that should help Microsoft in the battle of patents against Google. Among them are 77 patents related to Web search, 80 related to interfaces browsers and 140 related to online communications.

The purchase should help AOL to pay the bills for a while and Microsoft should already have in mind what to do with patents. Sounds like a deal of Win-Win type. In the case of Microsoft, Win- Windows.

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