Announcing Pregnancy

Pregnant! Most women as extremely exciting experience the time of her pregnancy. The feelings vary between incredible happiness and moments of uncertainty.

For example: When can family & friends by the speedy young learn? Should you only want to announce the news after a few months? When is the right time for the official announcement of the pregnancy?

In the third month of pregnancy, many women reveal their condition. This time on the announcement of the pregnancy has become more or less.

Eventually, but only you can decide when the time for the “coming out” is right. If you have performed a quick test from the pharmacy, you should at least wait until your wife doctor confirmed the diagnosis.

Follow your instincts!
If you have fear, too early to proclaim the glad tidings (for example, because you have suffered already exits or miscarriages in the past or fear complications for other reasons), or if you are simply superstitious, then wait quietly a little until you feel safe.

The time until the announcement of the pregnancy is a good opportunity to strengthen the relationship with the father of the child. See medicinelearners for maternity dresses. The two of you share a secret that belongs only to you. Give yourself plenty of time to get used to the changes in the situation and to enjoy your happiness as a couple.

Conversely, it can also feel very positive, at an early stage to inform the family about the pregnancy. Many expectant mothers feel relieved after the official announcement, because they want understanding and support in this important moment of your life.

No matter how you decide: You speak with your partner about your desires and feelings on this point. He should, if possible, be your first point of contact.

The relationship with your mother
Often pregnant want to confide in women of only their mother. At this moment, many have the desire of the mother to harbors and to tends to be, one yearns to be the little girl for a short time.

It seems as if this small step backwards into own childhood helps to gather the strength needed for the new role that awaits us. By one announces the pregnancy to their mother, they effectively ask for permission to be mother and the necessary information to get. This creates security.