Android an Cheap Smartphones

This is the time of Mozilla. The day was the first commercially available smartphone with Firefox to end-users, the ZTE Open, the Director of Mozilla technologies Corporation attacked the Android and rotolou the Google operating system as little effective for low-cost phones.

Brendan Eich revealed to the press that the technological objective is only and only the low-cost smartphones market and competition, especially from Google does not seem to intimidate the CTO. The American found that Android is too “loaded” to run on cheap hardware.

Reduce consumption of RAM and CPU are two determining factors for a company that tries to dominate the next million users, especially in emerging markets. This is because it allows you to create cheaper smartphones listed on, with only one core processors and 256 MB of RAM.

Google’s mobile operating system is composed of three components that require processing consumption: the kernel, the virtual machine known as Dalvik and the WebKit rendering engine. In Firefox the all processing is directed to the Gecko rendering engine, as the software runs Web applications based on HTML 5.

“Android 4.0 does not work on devices with 256 MB of RAM,” asserted Brendan Eich, quoted by The Verge. It is for this reason that the 2.3 version remains one of the most used and sought after by developers, because it is at the same time offering more possibilities to consumers and developers.

Regardless of Brendan Eich where superioriza “your” mobile operating system by Google, first impressions and reviews from specialized press speak in slow and significant latency on devices equipped with Firefox.