Andreas Linden Sweden Race

Road: After 174 km and 86 hours interrupts Andreas Lindén Smygehuk Treriksröset fundraiser will ride-(210 mile) at 100 hours. The reason is an injury he incurred that failed to go through. His Sweden races finished about three miles south of Gällivare. Here you see a short interview with Andreas shortly after he made the decision.

To Andreas Lindén himself on his site:

After 1800 km I point for Sweden. What stopped me was the radiant pain in left that I have already been struggling with in 35 mil. Towards the end, the pain was unbearable. When I passed the Pite River trampled me with tears running down her cheeks. Tears of pain that I haven’t made since primary school.

When I’m in the long slopes between Porjus and Gällivare began walking with the bike was something wrong. I took me still ahead. I had, even though I am towards the end just avarage 20 km/h, a one time who impressed most. I, however, are not included in “most”. Walking was not part of the plan. To spend the last bit was also not planned. A “challenge” for me is a competition where I have a sporting goal. My vision for Sweden race were no longer consistent with the sequence of events.

And Yes.

I had been able to take me to the finish. After many hours of suffering, I would reach the supermarket. But had it meant something? It was never a goal to just take me there.Everything has been about how quickly I can ride a bike. I didn’t want to change my goal of 100 h to only take me up. A goal is worthwhile when it matters. I’m saving my goals for another year. 100 h is especially, I don’t want to destroy. And I just made sure that it is absolutely possible.

Was not disappointed. It’s not me. Obviously it’s fun when people succeed with something difficult projects. But the most important thing is the inspiration of that he tried. The message of vågan wanting to override the result of success.