And If Finally LG Yes to Fabricate Your Own ARM for The New G3 SoC?

The veda opens and we are confirming things little shortly after the first rumors of last week. The Korea Herald, a medium based in Korea, reported that LG is going to start manufacturing their own processors. It would be a movement similar to that makes Samsung with their Exynos, even though the vast majority of details are still unknown.

This new family of processors I would start to be used on LG G3, the new smartphone from the company that is expected to be presented in the coming months. Interestingly the latest rumors speak of a Snapdragon SoC 801 without mentioning anything designed by the own LG, although of course all these are nothing more than rumors and information, should be real, can only come from a prototype of the new.

The Korea Herald indicates that LG will start manufacturing its new chips mass ‘soon’, without giving a more specific date. Speculation is open to the arrival of two different models of the G3, as in the Galaxy family where for a few years there is a smartphone with chip Exynos and another with Snapdragon. This would coincide with the information leaked these days ago showing the G3 with a Qualcomm chip, while also opening the door to the use of the SoC of LG.

Obviously this information is very green and there is a lot to be confirmed. TSMC will manufacture the SoC they will be based on ARM, and we have to wait to know more specific data to know if they really have a significant difference with respect to other alternatives. What is certain is that it is always good that gets more to the market, so if another competitor be this real… welcome you are as a designer of SoC, LG.