All-Round Fitness Training Programme

What is an ideal all-round fitness training during the holidays? How can you continue to train you well if you are on vacation? What muscle strengthening exercises are ideal to do during the holidays? Jumping rope is a great work out? What is a quick workout muscles without weights or equipment? What is a healthy exercise during the holidays?

Perfect workout

If you go back to the gym almost daily, how would it during the holidays? How can you train your muscles well during the holidays, to visit without a gym? The ideal exercise program during weekends, where you train your muscles quickly and efficiently, in the following schema:

Heats up

A good warm-up is 5 to 7 minutes of jumping rope.

Training the legs and buttocks

Bridge: lie on your back. She feet at hip height, put them in a position where your feet can touch your finger tips online. Push your hips as high as possible, stay a while and let your hips slowly to the ground. Repeat this exercise for your legs and buttocks about 30 times.
After the bridge motion: 2 to 3 minutes of jumping rope.

Training of the back and abdomen

Superman: lie on your hands and knees and straighten your right arm forward and left leg back. Grab the elbow of right arm to the knee on the left leg and stretch them back and forth. Repeat this exercise about 15 times and switch arm and leg. After the transition to repeat this exercise about 15 times.
After Superman exercise: 2 to 3 minutes of jumping rope.

Training of arms and chest

Push ups: sit on hands and knees. Put down your hands slightly wider than your shoulder width. Try to keep your back in a straight line. Now bend your arms and bring your body as close to the ground.Stretch your arms out again and make sure you come back again in a horizontal straight line. Repeat this exercise from 5 to 15 times.
After push-up workout: 2 to 3 minutes of jumping rope.

Training on back of arms

Triceps dip: sit on your buttocks and pull your knees will bow on. Put your hands behind your buttocks and your feet firmly on the ground. Make sure that your fingers are pointing forward. Now lift your buttocks off the ground. Bend your arms as far as you can and stretch your arms again. Repeat about 5 to 15 times.
After Triceps dip exercise: 1 minute jump rope.
Please note that these exercises and training are especially for people who exercise regularly! If you start as a freshman, you realize that you are alone in jumping over a huge muscle pain can develop!Spend as much time beginners to warm your muscles and building exercises. Take plenty of rest days where you exercise nothing!