All about Women’s Football

In the Netherlands, it is about women’s often made rather giggly. Especially men find it a sport for men and women cannot play football. Still has a long history of women’s football.

The history of women’s football

One of the first women’s football clubs, founded in 1894 was British Ladies Football Club. Nettie Honeyball and Florence Dixie wanted to prove to the club that women could play soccer well. Another group at the time was the Cock Kerr?? s ladies. Florence Dixie ensured that the team could make a tour in Scotland and then matches played, drew many spectators.
British football association took the women’s soccer seriously and also wanted to ban it. It did not happen, but in 1921, women were forbidden to play it on the sites of the members of the Football Association. There were then often transferred to the rugby field. The ban was only lifted in 1921 from 1971. In the same year by UEFA decided that the football associations in each country had women’s integration as a component.

Women’s football in the Netherlands

OVV football club was founded in 1924 by the first lady of football, but it is a beginning still getting teams to play against. After the war, made the change, there were more and more clubs, and a national competition was launched in 1955. 14 clubs from the Netherlands took part in the competition.
From 1954 began men to play professional football, but the women had to wait until 2006, when FC Twente started with a professional female football team. In 2007, plans for the League done for women and since the 2007/2008 season the League is a fact. ADO Den Haag, AZ, FC Twente, FC Utrecht, SC Heerenveen, Willem II were the first clubs. Roda JC also competed one season. From the 2010/2011 season will take FC Zwolle and VVV Venlo in the contest. The clubs plays instead of two, three times against each other.

European Championship Women

1984 European Championship will be organised by UEFA for women. First there were the EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS every two years, beginning in 1997, every four years. Germany has won the CHAMPIONSHIP seven times. Netherlands reached the semi-finals in 2009, losing to England.

World Cup Women

As with the men’s FIFA organises every four years a World Cup for women. For the first time this tournament was held in 1991. Did there, but when 12 countries participated. As of 1999, the 16 participating countries in 2015 should be 24. In 2007, the German women’s football team for the second time the world champion, and Germany in 2011 was also the host of the World Cup. The German women are eliminated in the quarterfinals by Japan, which would be able to defeat the United States in the final.It is the first time that Japan is the world champion.