Alexander Wetterhall Czech

Road: Stage victory, successful men’s team and a cold that finally put a spanner in the works. Wetterhall talks about his days in the Czech cycling tour.

After the medal pace – SM went down against a sizzling hot Czech Republic and the four-day Czech Cycling Tour. I was hoping that I would get rid of my förkyldning, but I still had a bit of a sore throat and was generally cold when the contest started with law pace of 25.9 kilometers on Thursday.

We started well and I felt quite refreshed, after all, and I took long förningar down to the turning point. But halfway through the race, so they began to burn properly in both legs and chest, and I could not åtehämta me between förningarna. We made some mistakes but otherwise we went well together. Everyone wanted so badly to win but with errors, we got to be content with second place for the day. This time 18 seconds behind Czech Whirlpool-Aurtor.

The day after we drove 145 kilometers and it started really fast on the rolling roads. Jack Anderson walked away in a group of ten people who kept half of the competition. When this well was collected went Zak Dempster off with an equally large group. The Group held the home and he managed to win! Really happy with a stage win after the disappointment the day before …
For me personally, it was not as good. The scorching heat completely took the life out of me. Somehow I managed to take me to the finish with the peloton and when we were sure that Zaks group kept the home so we made a spurt to Alexandre Blain. He crossed the finish line as the 12th, the second man in the peloton. Myself I rolled in as the 41st after my posting.

On the morning of the third stage, I was still not better, but had a blocked nose and runny eyes when I woke up. I decided to start and see if it got better–but not. I took me 85 kilometers into the stage, until we got to the punch, and where I broke the competition … and went home from the Czech Republic with a second place on team speed. Now it will be a key week of vacation before it is time to recharge before the next race will be in Portugal for two weeks.